How To Boost Engagement With UGC

User-Generated Content, or UGC, is the created content by an unpaid contributor or fan. Rather the content consists of captions, texts, blog posts, etc., it always promotes a brand.

Every brand loves reading and watching people talk about them and interact with the tools and services they provide.

Using UGC means leveraging your time and engaging differently with the audience while enjoying the real and powerful benefits.

UGC is the oldest marketing trick, yet it is still very powerful and successful.

Let’s list the advantages of using UGC for your brand:

Saves time

We know how important it is to curate great content for the audience to get a better understanding of what services you offer, get to know your team, etc. In the buzz of the busy schedule, it is always welcomed help from the loyal customers who simply share their thoughts on a social network.

The might create Demo videos of how someone can use your product, write the benefits of using the tools you provide, share the latest events or contests you’re organizing, etc.

As soon as something like this happen, all you have to do is re-share the content and simply thank them publicly. Does it sound tiring? We don’t think so.

Boosts trust

When people share your posts, it is happy news. Take advantage of the sincere thoughts of your audience and try to understand how they look at your brand.  Most of the people who view new products being shared, become curious and want to know more of them.

Did you know that according to, people up to 34 years old are more likely to make purchases after seeing their friend’s post, while people over 65 years old weren’t influenced at all?

People trust people and always read reviews carefully. On this case, people trust products that are being used and shared online by many others.

Reach more people

Each person that is currently using any kind of social network has their own community they interact differently with. When they share updates or give public reviews about your product, you will automatically receive more engagement. Either their influence is positive or negative, spreading the word impacts the future of your brand.

Discover unique content

Customer content is valuable and therefore, everyone should take advantage. There are multiple people out there who create Demo videos of how to use your product or refer it to others by sharing your website’s URL on their feed or bio.

Those are the people who we all must stick for, and share their content as soon as possible. Let’s take Instagram as an example: If someone shares your post on their Stories, the first thing you need to do is view the content and how they have commented over it and if positive, re-share their Story to your Story. If the comments are negative (i.e they say: This product is useless!), then you need to contact them in private and explain how they can make the best out of it.

Many people use their powerful experience and imagination to produce unique content, which will help your SEO efforts. Everyone from your audience must be welcomed to give their contribution to sharing and giving their personal opinion.

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