How to Celebrate Juneteenth on Social Media?

How to celebrate Juneteenth on Social Media - by Publer

If you’re familiar with USA Holidays, you’ve probably heard of and potentially celebrated Juneteenth. June 19 is the oldest national holiday for ending slavery in the USA. According to CNN, the oldest Juneteenth celebration marks 147 years ago in Emancipation Park in Houston.

How to celebrate Juneteenth on Social Media - by Publer

Some Historical Background

According to Office Holidays, 30% of private companies will offer Juneteenth as a paid holiday in 2022.

The United States became partially free in 1776. That’s because white people celebrated freedom while black people were still in the unfortunate slavery system. Such inequity went on for another 87 years. 

In 2022, thanks to all the equal rights worldwide, people continue to protest whenever something happens to black people. Last year, people protested about the murder of George Floyd by a police officer. A huge social media noise about black people started. It also campaigned with the respective hashtags: #blm or #blacklivesmatter.

Celebrate Juneteenth and support black people and their initiatives for equal rights.

How Brands Celebrate Juneteenth

American or not, Juneteenth is a celebration day worldwide. So, although your company might be running out of the US, it’s a vital sign of respect and solidarity to honor such a joyful day. 

Brands Celebrate Juneteenth in various ways.

1: Embrace Juneteenth

Host a picnic with your employees and talk about Juneteenth history. Or, organize an online webinar where you can put on a movie about slavery. Allow everyone to talk about what they know or think about this important day. Whether your team is unfamiliar with its story, share information about it. 

Moreover, hiring black people remotely or in residence is undoubtedly one of the most efficient methods of blending different cultures and points of view in your team. 

2: Show Your Support

Support local businesses that hardworking, successful black people own close to your area. Moreover, online support is crucial to brands, and paying extra attention on such a day is always good.  

Another suitable method of showing your support online is to share a list of all your favorite black artists and their amazingly successful career.

Show your suppot on Juneteenth's day activities.

3: Use Flag’s Colors into Graphics

Utilizing red, green, and black in your Juneteenth graphics is an excellent idea to show your solidarity. Regardless of your brand’s color, on the special day of Juneteenth, you can support black people with their flag’s colors. 

The Pan-African flag is a decent representative of the enslaved Americans’ history and their way to freedom. The layout of the Juneteenth flag shows a bursting new star as a symbol of new liberty and new people’s opportunities.

Integrate Red, Green, and Black into Graphics regardless of your brand's colors.

Did you know that Juneteenth:

-Is the oldest known holiday that marks the end of slavery in the US?

-Is a Miss Contest for some cities and groups?

-Was associated with the strawberry soda pop?

-Has a Flag of Freedom?

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