How to celebrate Juneteenth on Social Media

How to celebrate Juneteenth on Social Media - by Publer

We’ve talked about Juneteenth in an article last year, where we’ve explained what Juneteenth is and how it is known worldwide.

It is known as June and nineteenth. People celebrate Freedom Day Jubilee Day, Liberation Day, and Emancipation Day. All in one.

It first started in 1866 in Texas and it is still a national holiday in the US. According to, in 2022, Juneteenth will be a legal state-paid holiday in Washington.

How to celebrate Juneteenth on Social Media - by Publer

January 1st, 1863 was the day slavery was ended, but there were still some slaves that were discovered in 1865 in Texas. But there’s a reason why January 1st wasn’t marked as the official date to celebrate. The news was spread slowly across countries.

As we’ve mentioned in the last year’s article, people still continue to protest whenever something happens to black people. As per last year, people protested about the murder of George Floyd by a police officer. A huge social media noise about black people started. It was also campaigned with the respective hashtags: #blm or #blacklivesmatter.

Here’s how you can celebrate Juneteenth on social media:

– Host a picnic and talk about Juneteenth history. Allow everyone to talk about what they know or think about this important day.

– Support some local (or your favorite) business that is owned by hardworking/successful black people

– Support the black culture by visiting and sharing your favorite monument, museum, or other organization

– Share a list of all your favorite black artists and their amazingly successful career

– Share some quotes or interesting facts that your audience needs to know about this day and allow them to add more.

– Organize an online webinar where you can put on a movie about slavery.

– Make a list of all slavery-affected countries at the time

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