How to Create the Best Tweets

Once upon a time, someone invented an SMS provider and called it Twitter. Multiple users (mostly from the US) started using it and felt in love with its display.

Twitter got bigger and bigger every year and now we’re all excited about the powerful social network we’re using on our daily routine.

Whether you want to tweet about updates, voices, or share some photos/videos, Twitter provides a flexible workflow.

Twitter has a powerful algorithm and it all depends on a trending topic or hashtag, and your post might reach a lot of people in less than 12 hours.

Some brands use their own branded hashtags and some others mix them up with other trending ones. Twitter only allows 280 characters and everyone should be aware of the right usage of space.

To get the most out of the right hashtags, there are multiple tools that provide suggestions. Publer is currently providing a hashtag generator, and all users can view and use the following options: trending (or else: Great – currently the main topic worldwide), Good (high chance to get discovered), and Poor (unused or overused hashtags).

This screenshot is taken on Publer's dashboard and is showing how the hashtag generator showcases the suggested hashtags.

Some users prefer to extend their thoughts via a voice tweet, attached to the caption, and some others use threads. While using a post scheduler, you can also use a follow-up comment as an option, but that will be posted as a new tweet. Saves some time, right?

A great tweet is the one that has all useful information and why not, the details as well. Think of an amazing photo you want to share (or maybe 4) which might get viral (because never say never.) Get your images (or videos) watermarked with your favorite logo, opacity, size, and location. Allow everyone to view that you have the photo’s copyright.

This is a watermarked image on Publer.

Many people prefer to use text only on their tweets, while others want to properly express how they feel or color up the caption. Publer is currently providing two flexible options to select the desired emojis from the range:

1. Emoji Picker – users can simply write a colon and start typing the emoji they’re looking for

2. Built-in system – by selecting the emoji icon, everyone can search and select the emoji they need to add

This screenshot is taken from Publer's dashboard and is showing how one can add an emoji via the Emoji Picker.

Too lazy to write the same phone number, website, or slogan while creating a new tweet? Introducing: Shortcodes (or else, shortcuts)

Write the information you want and name the shortcode. Simply write two curly brackets and add the desired (long, time-consuming, and repetitive) information in a click.

A no brainer, right?

PS: Preview all the tweets before you get to share them, because… well, you can!

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