How to Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy if You’re Beginner

How to Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy if You’re Beginner by Shareen Sharma

Written by Shareen Sharma

In today’s age and time, social media has become the go-to place for every individual, organization, and brand. While individuals might spend hours scrolling through, brands are leaving no stones unturned to build their online presence and hopefully, a long-time relationship with their users. It is no longer viable for a brand to just make a product and hope for it to find its market. Consumers are expecting brands to engage with them through meaningful experiences. They no longer just pick a product from the shelf – they want inspiration, emotion, drama, and more importantly, a feel-good experience. 

For anyone beginning their stance in marketing, building a social media strategy can sound a bit overwhelming. But worry not, here’s a five-step guide to building a social media strategy that matters!

How to Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy if You’re Beginner Written by Shareen Sharma

Decide the objective

The first and foremost step to planning a social media strategy is deciding the objective for the campaign. The objectives can be building brand awareness, getting leads, channeling the users to your website or perhaps, getting direct orders from the social media platform. It is essential to have clarity and set a target before initiating a marketing strategy.

For instance, for a brand like Pepsi, the objective for its social media campaign could be connecting with the millennials through youthful content. And hence, they utilize youth icons and use colloquial terms like “swag”, “dil maangey more” to become relevant to the youth. Only once the objective is determined, one can march forward.

Mapping the Target Audience

For every product or service, there is an audience that relates to it. Gender, age, geography, lifestyle, income often play a key role in determining the target audience. Similarly, to build a social media marketing strategy, you need your target audience as detailed out as much possible. Answer the following questions:

  • Which gender would the ad be more relevant for?
  • Is it children, youth or elders that would be making the decision to buy this?
  • Rural, urban, metropolitan city – where exactly does the product fit?
  • Is the product/ service more premium or can cater to everyone?

It is important to take out time and set the TG for your marketing plan. Imagine social media being a party that every person from every age group attends. For you to make some friends here, you would have to seek out alike individuals and make conversations that would be relevant to them. The better you understand them, the better relationship you make with them!

Which social media platform is best for you?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, ShareChat, Whatsapp, etc. – all have their niche. Users and brands interact differently on these platforms. Depending on the objective and the target audience mapped out for the campaign, the right social media platform can be identified. 

No matter which platform you utilize for your strategy, ensure you stay consistent. Sustenance is a key factor in making a campaign successful. Build and schedule creatives and posts before you launch the campaign for a smooth run! You can also use organization apps to schedule your social media production. This will help you automate scheduling posts on social media platforms.

Ready, set and launch!

This is the thrilling part! All that time and effort will be visible once the campaign is executed. Since the initial day, monitor the insights (readily available on all social media platforms) and in case you have to make some edits, go ahead. Only when the curtains are off, you would understand how it is doing or being perceived by the audience. The few basic data points to monitor are impressions, reach, engagement, click-through rate (CTR). If a slight push can be gained with promoting the content, go ahead.

Time to de-brief now  

What many don’t do is analyze the campaign’s performance once it ends. Considering there is no right or wrong in social media marketing, only learnings, it is imperative to practice a post-campaign analysis to study what worked for you and what did not. This analysis can be really helpful for your next campaign.

Good luck!

How to Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy if You’re Beginner Written by Shareen Sharma

All credits to: Shareen Sharma

I’ve been part of the marketing world for about four years now. Currently, I am working as a social media consultant at an advertising agency along with building my own online venture. Apart from building marketing strategies, I also enjoy watching football and formula one!

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