How to Edit Facebook Link Previews

Back in July 2017, Facebook removed the ability to edit link previews, so the misrepresentation of link content and fight fake news would be reduced. This caused an outrage among Social Media Marketers who heavily rely on curating their link posts.

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After months of uncertainty, Facebook seems to have finally come up with a solution that should satisfy both parties, or at least the majority.

Editing Link Previews

As before, you will be able to edit the way your links appear on Facebook, regardless if you use Publer or Facebook’s interface.

Publer will also be able to automatically watermark your link thumbnail. It also won’t matter if you’re shortening your links or not.But first, you need to verify the domain ownership of your links. A one-time thing.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to edit links you don’t own!

Domain Verification

(two methods)

1. Using Open Graph Tags

The easiest way is implementing the fb:pages tag on your website. All you need to do is add the following meta property to each page of your website:

<meta property="fb:pages" content="427932330594458">

where content is simply a comma separated list of IDs of the Facebook Pages you want to be able to edit your website links (in our case content=”427932330594458).

To find the ID of your Facebook Page(s), you can use this tool, or simply contact us.

But, you may need to scrape  again the old links, before you can make any changes to the link previews.

2. Using Business Manager

If you have a Facebook Business Manager account, we suggest you use this method. If you don’t, you can easily create one.

Even though this method a little complex, it will be better in the long run.

2.1 In Business Manager, click on the Business Settings button.

This is a screenshot that explains how you can tap Business Settings on Facebok.

2.2 Under People and Assets, select Pages from the left side navigation list. Make sure that the Pages you want to edit your links for are added to your Business Manager account. To do so simply click Add New Pages.

This is a screenshot that explains how you can tap Pages and select Add New Pages on Facebok.

2.3 Under People and Assets, select Domains from the left side navigation list and click on the Add New Domains button.

This is a screenshot that explains how you can tap Domains and Add New Domains on Facebok.

2.4 Enter your domain in the Add a domain pop-up dialog.

This is a screenshot that explains how you can add the Domain Name on Facebok.

2.5 Verify that you own the Domain. You can either do a DNS verification

This is a screenshot that explains how you can verify the DNS on Facebok.

or verify your Domain by uploading an HTML file to your web directory.

This is a screenshot that explains how you can upload an HTML verification fileon Facebok.

2.6 Assign Pages to the Domain you just verified by clicking the Assign Pages button

This is a screenshot that explains how you can assign Pages on Facebok.

That was it. Once you verify that you own the links/domain you’re sharing, you will be able to edit the way they look on the Facebook Pages you assigned, regardless if you use Publer or not.

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