How to Find Old Tweets (By You or By Anyone Else)

how to find old tweets

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If you’re like most Twitter users, your original tweets may be short and not insightful, and they’re probably not worth keeping. But there are times that you want to find a hilarious joke, Twitter thread, a great business idea, or an embarrassing tweet that will harm your brand’s reputation and want to erase it from the face of the Twitter world. 

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can search for old tweets. In this post, we’ll show you three ways to find old tweets. 

How To To Find Old Tweets: 3 Methods

1. Using Twitter Advanced Search

One of the best ways to find old tweets is to use Twitter Advanced Search. Advanced search allows you to look for past tweets from yourself or others. You can search using various filters, including date, keyword, location, and account.

1. Go to the Twitter advanced search page

2. Under the People filter, enter your username without “@“ into the “From these accounts” field. 

3. Then choose the date range for your search under “Dates”

4. Click search, and voila! You get a list of your top tweets from that period. 

5. If you’re unsure when you sent that tweet, try searching for a word or a phrase in that tweet using the “Words” functionality of the advanced search. 

2. Ask Twitter For A Complete Archive Of Your Tweets

You can ask Twitter for a complete archive of all of your tweets. Your archive contains everything you’ve ever tweeted, including your username, the date of each tweet, and the number of likes and retweets they earned.

1. Go to

2. Click on the “Request your archive” button under the “Content” section. It can take minutes, hours, or even days to get the archive, depending on its size. 

3. Twitter will notify you once your archive is ready. Go to your account’s settings and click “Download archive.”

4. Aside from a push notification, Twitter will send you a download link in the form of an file to your email. 

5. You can now download the .zip file. View it in your browser by double-clicking on the index.html file or opening the tweets.csv file in your preferred spreadsheet program for a more detailed breakdown of your tweets. 

3. Using A Third Party

If you’re looking for a way to find your old tweets without scrolling through them one by one, you can use a third-party tool to find them, such as All My Tweets or TweetDeleter. 

All My Tweets is a fast, free and easy way to get a comprehensive archive of your or someone else’s old tweets. Just enter in your username or of the person whose tweets you want to find, and then click on the “search” button.

TweetDeleter is a free web tool that lets you browse and delete your tweets in one go. Sign in with Twitter, then browse tweets using their advanced filters.

Key Takeaways

Tweeting is a great way to grow your business and brand, and finding old tweets can be a great way to track your growth or monitor industry trends over time. 

The best place to start is Twitter’s advanced search page. You can also ask for an archive of your tweets. If you’re still having trouble, several third-party tools can help you search for old tweets.

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