How To Handle Negative Comments On Social Media

There’s always a negative comment on social media, regardless of how powerful and effective your product or service is. Rather the comments are from your competitors, people who haven’t quite explored the full potential of a product, or just a simple comparison with a look-alike product.

Handling negative comments can be a little bit tricky because you have to show everyone that your efforts must be valued and also, show everyone how smart and prepared a team is.

Lemon photo. <span>Photo by <a href="">Estúdio Bloom</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a></span>
Photo by Estúdio Bloom on Unsplash

Let’s list some of the most important tips to take care of negative social media comments:

– Do NOT avoid them

Avoiding a negative comment on social media only shows you are weak and will never handle anything from the ‘down’ side. As we all know, there might be many issues going on, i.e a bug. That is something that you should work on and meanwhile, you should try to maintain great communication.

People trust brands that interact with the audience because that’s how they know there’s a human-made team behind it. Negative comments might seem as they would harm your online presence. But instead of allowing such a thing, try to strategically deal with them.

– Don’t promise what you can’t offer (short-term/long-term)

As much we want to integrate all the available options in a platform or service, there are some things that really take a lot of time. Or, they aren’t quite fit for a brand’s niche.

Understanding your potential is a sign of a strong and reliable team. Being fake and making fake promises, just because you want something very bad, will automatically misbehave online!

Shrivelled flowers.

<span>Photo by <a href="">Estúdio Bloom</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a></span>
Photo by Estúdio Bloom on Unsplash

– Reply with a personalised comment

When you share a post on social media and read one negative comment, there’s a small chance other followers might read that. Even though they don’t get attached to it, there’s nothing stopping you to believe that might have a negative outcome.

This is why it is strongly recommended to reply to that one comment and explain how they misunderstand something or maybe give more information related to it.

Fans are human beings and being so, they love feeling empathy. Let everyone know that you are glad they discovered a bug or something isn’t properly delivering. They love being a help, without even realizing so.

– Don’t delay your answer

When you delay an answer, people might think that you are avoiding them and that might trigger them to make a big deal out of it.

Keep a good reputation and high standards!

Showing love to others.

– Try to understand them

It’s not always easy to deal with different types of clients. They have different approaches to situations and you must be able to fully understand what they are trying to say.

If they highlight a service failure, inappropriate workflow, refund failure, etc., you should help raise to the occasion and fully support what they are experiencing. Make yourself their biggest help towards any kind of action.

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