How to Improve Customer Experience on Your Website

How to Improve Customer Experience on Your Website by Alexey Kutsenko

Written by: Alexey Kutsenko

The customer experience (CX) can be described as the customers’ impression after interaction with the website. CX entails all the steps from visiting the website to making a purchase and leaving feedback.

The number of e-commerce businesses continues to grow and staying competitive is complicated. Thereby, providing a great customer experience can bring you to the top position. Improving the customer experience not only increases your business’s competitiveness but also ensures stable growth of income in the long term.

How to Improve Customer Experience on Your Website by Alexey Kutsenko

7 steps to better website customer experience

A strong customer experience system should be useful for website users and bring financial profit. Once you invest in CX, you will be able to attract and retain new customers, as well as generate more sales.

In our digitalized world, the entire customer experience comes to the accessibility and usability of website planning for your business. The key is to build a trusted and long-lasting relationship with your customers. In this article, we will discuss 7 ways in which you can boost the CX on your web page.

Make sure your web pages load fast

In today’s world, customers want to get the necessary information in a matter of seconds. As a website owner, you need to make sure you grab customer’s attention very fast. As soon as the speed of your website is low, customers will get frustrated and click the “back” button. This means that they will choose to find another website that loads faster. To keep the web page competitive, you should aim at a 1-3 seconds load time.

Keep in mind the mobile users as well. The latest research shows that almost 65% of mobile users in the U.S. have their phones as the main access to the Internet. Having said that, it is important to equip the mobile version of the website with all functionality available. The accessibility of your website from different devices will improve the customer experience and thus the sales.

Implement smart navigation and search function

The usability and visual design of your website will form a customer experience. You need every website visitor to navigate through the functions easily. Smart navigation will help the customers find the contact page, the signup button, and your blog. This helps keep attention on the main things and sideline the routine steps. 

Some customers may visit your website with a clear goal. Instead of losing time going through unnecessary steps, you can provide a search function that will connect customers to what they look for. To prevent the customers from losing their time, you can supply your website with user-friendly navigation. For instance, this can be a search function. The faster customers can get what they need, the more satisfied they will be with the website.

Provide real-time customer feedback on the site

First-hand customer experience is essential for business growth. Some studies reveal that 86% of the customers consider reviews the most trusted component of the website. In other words, up-to-date feedback can improve customer experience.

The quality of the reviews plays an important role in the user experience. There is a big difference between boring polls and unique reviews with insights. Hence, collecting the reviews on the website straight away works better for the users. It is more convenient to write a review in a pop-up window rather than visit another website to upload a review. By providing a real-time feedback option, you will ultimately increase the rate of review response.

If you are a small business with limited experience in improving the CX, you might struggle to find out how to adopt those features. If your development team does not have enough expertise in this area, you can hire a dedicated software development team that will focus on meeting your customer’s needs.

Create an emotional connection through design and visual storytelling

People can make valuable connections through the power of storytelling. Stories connect people by triggering common emotions like happiness and sadness. While numbers and statistics alone can not reach a deep level of emotions, relatable stories can bring people together. In terms of marketing, visual storytelling can make your brand stand out.

If you put enough effort into creating an impressive brand templating, you will create a strong emotional bond between the customers and your product. Strong storytelling will make your brand recognizable among customers and lead to high income.  

How to Improve Customer Experience on Your Website by Alexey Kutsenko
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Make it personalized

If you want to increase customer retention, you should address your customers by name and recommend new products based on the history of their orders. Such a personal approach will make people feel respected and valued. 

The most successful e-commerce businesses like Amazon have already adopted this feature on their websites. Personalization boosts the speed of product search and improves the overall user experience. This will increase customer satisfaction and profits.

Simplify key touchpoints

Touchpoints are ways in which a customer interacts with your business. By knowing what the website touchpoints are, you can enhance those interactions.

Website-wise, the touchpoints are the landing page and content. Make sure to have a compelling design of the landing page since it will make the first impression on the customers. Original headlines and highlighted text can keep the visitors engaged for a longer time.

How your content is created and organized is crucial for the CX. Make sure that your text is readable – choose minimalistic fonts and neutral background. Lastly, it is important to consistently update your blog with new articles. Regular contributions to the blog will cultivate a sense of value from the customer side. 

Create a self-service customer support system

Typically, customers feel ambivalent when talking to a support representative or writing emails to the support team. There is more and more willing to solve the problem independently.

Customer self-service is an accumulation of resources that guide customers through finding a solution to their problems. The main feature is that there is no need for direct interaction with a real person.

Here are the top 3 benefits of a self-service support system:

  • Informative: By learning how to resolve their issue, customers gather information that they may use in the future;
  • Goal-oriented: Customers may quickly find answers to very specific questions instead of waiting for company representative’s response;
  • Respectful: As preferences vary from customer to customer, it is good for a website to include different problem-solving options.

Final thoughts

To sum up, creating a good customer experience is vital for a business to thrive. An effective CX strategy is so powerful that it can create sales and gain a reputation. It can cherish customers, creating a sense of friendship between the website users and your product. 

If you do not pay enough attention to building customer support, your potential customers are more likely to choose another website. However, with the CX strategy in the right hands, you can control how much time your customers will spend on your website and how many times they will come back. 

How to Improve Customer Experience on Your Website by Alexey Kutsenko

Alexey Kutsenko is CMO at DDI Development company, which provides custom web & development services to clients worldwide.

Alexey has vast experience in building marketing strategies for various clients, defining the client’s needs, and leading digital marketing strategies in the company.

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