How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace: The Complete Guide

how to sell on facebook marketplace

How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace: The Complete Guide 

Facebook identifies as a social network where users keep up with friends and family, share photos, and join interest groups. But did you know you can sell items on Facebook and even start an eCommerce business?

Facebook introduced the Marketplace in 2016, and it has become a popular venue for individuals to sell their belongings to local buyers. Compared to Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace is a safer and easier-to-use marketplace to use when selling locally.

In this complete guide, We will show you a few tried-and-true techniques for making a marketplace listing and how to sell on Facebook Marketplace if you’re considering starting an E-comm business. 

How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace 

For desktop: 

Open Facebook and log in to your account.

On the left sidebar, click Marketplace.

Select “Create New Listing.”

facebook marketplace dashboa

Choose “Item for Sale.”

Click Add Photos and upload up to 10 photos of the item. 

Add photo facebook marketplacr

Fill in the necessary details about your item, including as much information as possible. If you want to list it as a free item, set the price to 0. Hit next. 

facebook ma

If necessary, choose a delivery method, hit Next.

Click Publish to post the listing.

How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace

For Mobile:

Open the Facebook app and log in to your account.

Select the Marketplace tab. 

Select Sell.

facebook marketplace mobile

In the pop-up, under Create New Listing, choose Items.

Add the information about your item and at least one photo, and hit Next.

Choose a delivery method, if required. 

Select Publish to post your ad.

Payments On Facebook Marketplace

On Facebook Marketplace, the payment option is up to the vendor. However, Etransfer and PayPal are advised never, ever accept a cheque.

Discuss on messenger which method of payment works best for both parties. For example, you prefer PayPal or ETransfer, and the buyer doesn’t. Arrange a cash transaction upon pick-up or delivery, provided they’re local.

Tips For Selling On Facebook Marketplace

Provide A Detailed Item Description

The more detail you include, the more likely people will be interested in what you offer. Include a clear title, accurate measurements, and photos. Get creative with descriptions and let people know what makes your item special. If you have any other relevant information, like the item’s condition, be sure to include that too. Providing accurate information will help avoid any misunderstandings between buyer and seller, and it’ll help make the buying and selling process smoother for everyone involved.

Price Your Items Competitively

It’s essential to price your items competitively on Facebook Marketplace because that’s one of the ways you can attract buyers.

You want to price your items low enough so that people are attracted to them but high enough so that you still make a profit. It’s a balancing act.

One way to determine how to price your items is to research and see what other people are selling similar items for. That will give you a good starting point, and you can adjust your prices accordingly. People are often willing to pay more for things they perceive to be of higher quality, so if you have items that are made well or are unique, it’s okay to charge a bit more for them.

Take High-Quality Photos

When selling something on Facebook Marketplace, it’s important to include good-quality photos. Potential buyers will want to see what they’re buying and will be more likely to buy if the images are clear and show the product in a good light.

Including good-quality photos in your listing is especially important when selling items like clothing, and furniture or expensive items, like vehicles. Potential buyers will want to see how the item looks on a person or in a room, so including photos from all angles is essential. If there are any flaws or damages, note them in the image’s description.

Reply To Inquiries Quickly

Replying quickly to messages on Facebook Marketplace is essential for a few reasons. It demonstrates that you’re a responsible and responsive seller and shows potential buyers that you’re serious about selling your items. Prompt replies can help build trust and reputation between buyers and sellers. 

Of course, there will be times when you can’t reply right away; that’s completely understandable. But in general, try to respond to inquiries on Facebook marketplace as soon as possible, and a little pleasantry goes a long way.

Be Open To Negotiating  

It’s important to remember that when you’re negotiating, it’s not just about what you want but also about what the other person wants. You want to find a way to meet in the middle so that both parties feel like they’ve won.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when negotiating on Facebook Marketplace:

  1. Be polite and respectful. If the offer feels too low, Don’t be afraid to counteroffer. Make sure the buyer understands what they’re getting and your bottom line. Let the other person know and see if you can reach an agreement that’s fair for both of you.
  1. Try to find a way to meet in the middle. Remember that negotiating is a give-and-take process. If you want the best deal possible, be prepared to compromise a little bit too.
  1. Be prepared to walk away from the transaction. If it’s not a fair trade or the other person is being unreasonable, it’s okay to walk away. There are other buyers out there, and you don’t need to take this one just because it’s offered.

Tagging Your Listings For Searches

It’s important to tag your Marketplace listings because it lets Facebook better understand what you’re selling. This helps the algorithm show people more relevant results when they’re searching for items on Marketplace.

When you tag your listing, Facebook automatically pulls the post’s category, location, and item type. You can also add in your custom tags that are specific to your item. For example, if you’re selling a used bike, you could use the tags “ladies bike,” “gently used,” and “local.” 

Boost Your Listings

Boosting listings on Facebook Marketplace can improve your visibility and reach potential buyers. It costs as little as $1 per listing, and you can choose how long you want to boost each listing.

When you boost a listing, it means that more people will see it in their newsfeeds and be able to request more information from you. This is especially important if you’re selling something time-sensitive like tickets to an event or products in high demand, like popular electronics.

Abbreviations On Facebook Marketplace

If you’re new to Facebook Marketplace, it might feel like you need a college education in a foreign language to understand the jargon, but fear not. This simple key will teach you about the typical buy, sell, and trade Facebook talk you’ll need to know.

Condition Abbreviations: 

NWT: New With Tags

NWOT: New without tags 

GUC: Visibly used but still functional. 

VGUC: Something that has been used but shows minimal use and wash wear.

EUC: Excellent Used Condition or like new

Other Facebook Marketplace Abbreviations: 

PPU: Pending Pick Up

ISO: In search of

CP: Cross-posted 

FCFS: First Come, First Served 

NH: No Holds

IMO: In my opinion 

TTS: True to Size

SF: Smoke-Free

PF: Pet-Free

PM/DM: Private message  

Tag: Adding someone’s name to a photo so they can find it easily. 

HMU: Hit Me Up

OBO: Or Best Offer

What Can’t You Sell On Facebook Marketplace? 

It’s critical to remember that not all objects are welcome on the site. Sellers who break these community standards and regulations will have their items deleted and receive a penalty that includes warning letters from Facebook or being banned from the marketplaces.

restricted items on facebook

Digital Media, Subscriptions, or Digital Products

Included but not limited to:

  • Downloadable content (i.e., PDFs, music, games, movies, etc.)
  • Digital accounts (i.e., Games, movie streaming accounts)
  • Third-Party Infringement, copywritten content without a license
  • Digital coupons

Animals and Wildlife

Included but not limited to:

  • Pets and Livestock
  • Live animals, wildlife, and plants
  • Any animal parts or skin, including fur and ivory
  • The illegal trade of endangered and non-endangered animals and their parts is by unethical digital content

Healthcare Products, Supplements, Drugs/Alcohol, and Tobacco Products

Included but not limited to:

  • Steroids/Human Growth Hormones
  • Weight-loss products/supplements
  • Used cosmetics (Sold not in their original packaging)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Cigarettes, Electronic Cigarettes, Cigars, and Chewing Tobacco
  • Tobacco Pipes and Paraphernalia
  • Bongs and Hookahs
  • Smoking Cessation products containing Nicotine
  • Marijuana and other marijuana products
  • Prescription Drugs

Weapons and Firearms

Included but not limited to:

  • Firearms/Ammunition and their parts
  • Explosives/Fireworks
  • Paintball guns/BB guns
  • Pepper Spray/Tasers
  • Ads For Gun Ranges and Gun Shows
  • Access to 3D printing for manufacturing firearms or parts regardless of context.

Other restricted items:

Included but not limited to:

  • Non-physical products
  • Anything discriminatory
  • Currency/Crypto
  • Gambling advertising (i.e., gaming, lotteries, casinos)
  • Stolen Goods
  • Adult Products and Services


Facebook Marketplace has quickly become a go-to destination for online shoppers looking for great deals on used items. Whether you’re just starting with Facebook Marketplace or you’ve been selling there for a while, these tips will help you sell more effectively and make the process easier for you and your customers. 

  • Take some time to get familiar with the features of Facebook Marketplace. This includes understanding how to post an item, add photos, set a price, and write a description. 
  • When listing an item, be sure to use accurate and complete information. This will help avoid any confusion or misunderstandings later on. 
  • Including good quality, photos are essential when selling on Facebook Marketplace. Images that are blurry, dark, or otherwise difficult to see are much less likely to result in a sale. 
  • Be sure to respond to any questions or messages promptly. This will help build trust with potential customers and make them more likely to buy from you in the future.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a top-rated seller on Facebook Marketplace. Happy selling!

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