How to use Branded Groups to Build a Community

Creating a branded group on social networks is a great strategy to interact with customers and get real-time feedback regarding everything you’re up to. You can create groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (Lists), Pinterest, etc.

It is highly suggested to create private groups on each social network so that everyone can freely ask about any kind of issues they are having. Private groups provide a lot of opportunities:

Make announcements

There are quite a few things you want to share with your customers, but you don’t want to share those on social networks yet. That’s how you understand whether your updates need improvement and more information. Your loyal customers will always give suggestions and provide honest opinions.

Publer owns two groups on Facebook, respectively Publer Nation and Publer Ambassadors.

Publer Nation is a private Group, where people get informed about all the new updates and guides to using a specific feature. Also, people use the Group to ask public questions as status updates, so everyone can interact with each other and get an answer by the Admins. It’s the power of their reviews, which helps the team to move forward with possible modifications.

And then there’s the Publer Ambassadors, which only accepts the registered ambassadors, and they all get real-time information regarding their biweekly payments or any other thing related to their experience with link-sharing.

Create polls

Polls are a smart way to gather feedback fast. People love short questions and options to choose from. It only takes a second to click on the desired choice and you (as an Admin) have got yourself some information.

Think of polls as a smart way to decide whether you should integrate a new product to your platform, start using a new social network, etc. 

Polls always provide an easy engagement. They involve almost everyone into taking part and also, they positively affects customer loyalty.

By using polls, you and your team understand better what your audience is really looking for and therefore, you create a strategical marketing plan for your brand.

Create and share events to your Group

Whether you want to share news or events, your community must be informed, because the initial reason they asked to join the group is to support you and your work. Events are different and so are the possibilities to spread the word for an upcoming promotion, giveaway, update, etc. 

Sharing an event on a group means inviting and allowing them to privately ask questions about things they’re not really clear about and start inviting new members as well. 

The latest event Publer organized was the Easter Egg Hung, where people participated on a Sunday, the Easter Day 12th April, and played a game on the platform. 20 eggs were hidden throughout the dashboard, blog and feedback page and whoever found one, got a Free month on Publer. 

Easter Egg Hunt game on Publer

Managing Groups with Publer

Besides Pages and Locations, Publer allows you to add Facebook Groups and manage them right from the dashboard, if you are an Admin.

All you have to do is:

  • Go to Accounts
  • Click the + icon
  • Select Facebook Groups and that’s it!

You can create, share, and schedule all your updates. On Publer, you can use evergreen content and make recurring posts in case you want to share something more than once and make sure everybody sees the updates. Also, you can create default signatures to make sure you never miss a hashtag.

Also, you can track your posts insights to understand more about their online presence and how many people interacted with each one of them.

Post Insights on Publer

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