How to use Instagram Stories for your brand

We’re always all ears when it comes to different methods of successful marketing tips, especially when our brand is online and conquering with other look-alike brands. 

During the years, marketers have developed amazing strategies to make a good online presence and interact with the audience. Top social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., provide multiple tools for smooth marketing campaigns, insight trackings, and articles regarding tips and tricks that best benefit a brand. 

In 2016 everything changed with the release of Stories by Instagram. 

According to a study from Microsoft, the average human attention span is about 8 seconds. This is why short lengthed advertisements are favored. It is not a matter of writing a lot of information on posts that a brand share online anymore, but what how precise the content remains. 

An important guide to a proper post:

  • Keywords usage
  • Bullets, so you can easily highlight important aspects
  • Don’t mix the context 

This is why Instagram Stories have such a huge impact on each person. They are short, fast and very specific, which makes them perfect for human attention and necessities. 

Brand should use Instagram Stories as a weapon.

All we need in our life is real-time marketing options. By sharing relevant and on-target content, we make great progress, because this way we provide the service people might have been looking for. 

At least once, everybody has paused the videos on Instagram Stories and have read the texts. Nobody wants to let go of a great deal, which might only be available for 24 hours. Brands even use polls, gifs, tag locations and add hashtags so their content can be viewed by many people. 

Stories help grow the audience. There are multiple options that provide the possibility to make fast purchases, comment via DMs, share content with other friends on Instagram, and discover new places, products, services, etc. 

Also, Stories are very straightforward marketing strategies. Not everyone has time to check presentation infographics or long emails. Now everyone wants to explore the pros and cons of using a service or vote regularly over a new tool. 

Other social networks are designing their Story Features and we are thrilled to know that this way, everyone can be seamlessly capable of turning their brand into a dynamic, yet simple and clever one.

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