How to use Pinterest to Grow Other Social Accounts

Many people think Facebook and Instagram are winning the whole online game and brands are lucky to have them.

No question was made above, but there’s an answer for sure. Do you know that Pinterest -yes, the one social network you find inspiration for your next event or small business – serves a number of 2 billion pins via visual searches EVERY month? Hmm, this is a little bit old information (2017), but you can do the math for 2020.

People use Pinterest mainly on their mobiles (80%) and there are over 1 million businesses.

Pinterest illustration by -

Pinterest is the one social network that gives you the option to make your photos and videos clickable. Other than Instagram, which is visual as well.

Imagine what can happen with Instagram if all photos are connected to a link? Well, hold that thought.

If you want to grow your social networks by using Pinterest, you first need to grow your Pinterest account. Take a look at how Publer grew its Pinterest account in only 2 weeks, follow all the steps, and enjoy the outcome.

After doing that, you are now ready to grow another social network.

All you have to do is one tricky move – create RICH Pins and explain briefly. I.e if you are an Instagram Influencer, you can create a nice Pin by saying: Background Story of my Success on Instagram.

People will believe the fact you are successful, you’ve grown, and the audience loves you because you’re an influencer already. Connect the Pin to your Instagram post and whoever clicks it will be directed to your Instagram account.

Share everything you post on each social account by following the proper Pin image sizes and dimensions (so, create the same content but different photo size); link the Pin to the desired link and off you go!

The content will promote itself. All you have to do is create wonderful Pins via your favorite platform and schedule all of your work on a post-scheduling platform or Pinterest itself.

Here’s a list of our favorite platforms we use to create amazing photo/video Pins:



The list is short but worth it!

People love viewing new opportunities to take part in, like giveaways and concerts you might promote to your other social networks and also, solutions to a smooth workflow.

Take Publer as an example:

Here’s a Pin that shows Tips To Organizing A Successful Giveaway:

It has really gotten people’s attention and that is verified by these insights:

Publer’s Pin insights

Here’s another Pin that shows how people love feeling Pros!

Publer’s Pin insights

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