How to use Publer

Neil Cocker, CEO of Ramp T-shirts and a digital consultant, helped us organize Publer’s very first webinar. In the following video, Neil will show you how & why he and his team use Publer for their social media.

If you don’t want to watch the full webinar, you can jump to specific sections you’re interested in by clicking the following timestamps:

– Adding social accounts to Publer: 3:43

– Setting up a posting schedule for auto scheduling: 5:36

– Creating watermarks: 8:25

– Creating signatures: 9:53

– Link shortening & tracking: 11:27

– Using saved watermarks & signatures: 13:37

– Manually scheduling your posts: 16:02

– Auto scheduling your posts: 17:21

– Recurring posts: 18:54

– Scheduling multiple posts at once: 20:30

– Uploading & scheduling in bulk photos & videos: 22:23

– Using a CSV file: 24:16

– Using an RSS feed: 28:44

– Viewing your posts: 30:54

– Team collaborations: 33:13

– Analytics: 35:22

– Weekly or daily reports of the top performing posts: 38:22

– Plans & pricing: 39:10

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