How To Use Twitter Analytics

Twitter is one of the biggest social networks. It is widely used by all ages and types of businesses, as it provides multiple options to get real-time information, promote a brand or boost visibility.

People who use Twitter know better how much people interact with each other and how fast they can share others’ updates.

To reach new audiences and receive quick feedback from experts in your field are in fact the main reasons one should join Twitter.

It allows you to tweet up to 280 characters and as many voice tweets as you want (as new threads to the same tweet) and you can share news, replies, fun GIFs or photos, create polls, etc.

Being that Twitter is useful for brands too, everyone should be aware of all tricks to create a strategic marketing plan and maximize ROI.

Here’s how everyone can benefit from their Twitter metrics:

First, discover which type of content works best.

Being diverse, your audience sticks to different types of contents and that’s why you should experiment at first. On Twitter, you can create posts that have text only, emojis, voice tweets, add some photos, videos, or GIFs.

All you need to do is see which of these options has reached more people and made them engage. This is how you know where to stick to for the next tweet. Okay, we’re not a fan of transforming your brand into a GIF only (i.e), but let’s say you can use them more.

People love visuals and according to, human brain process visuals faster ( 13 milliseconds) than texts. Also, people tend to remember only 10% of the information they hear, and 65% of the information they ‘see’ – visuals.

This picture is downloaded by, and explains that people are more likely to remember an information they see an a photo, other than what they read on a text.
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If you go to Analytics on Twitter, you can view all impressions regarding each specific post, their engagements, and engagements rates.

This is why we on Publer want to make the most out of our tweets. There’s no need to go up and down to find Top tweets to retweet them. All we have to do is simply select the Twitter account and view all the post insights in a blink of an eye. Using and re-sharing them is easy, fast, and effective, in case you want to reach more people using the same tweet.

Get better at posting time

By viewing and studying the time a tweet has reached more people and got the most engagement, it is highly suggested to stick to the same times on specific days. Each brand on Twitter has a different audience and therefore there’s a different schedule to post tweets at.

Take Publer as an example – most of the audience on Twitter is from USA. This is why our tweets start at approximately 1PM.

There are multiple Twitter insights providers, but let’s get back at what Twitter itself provides:

  • If you click on a specific tweet, you will be able to see its impressions, total engagements: likes, retweets, and link clicks.

This is how Twitter shows specific tweet insights: engagement, impressions, likes, retweets and link clicks.
  • You can also see your tweet activity based on a specific time range. You can decide a a start and an end date to see how your posts have behaved.

This is what Publer provides too. There’s only one slight difference though.. you don’t have to click and change page to do such a thing. Everything appears right in one dashboard!

  • Another option that Twitter activity dashboard provides is the data export by tweet or day.

This is how Twitter shows specific insights based on a time range.

Isn’t it amazing how you can track every single detail of your (or your social media manager’s) tweets and create marketing plans out of them?

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