9 Ideas to Create Engaging B2B Content on Social Media

B2B content marketing is the strategy of using content the right way. The right content reaches the desired audience, boosts awareness, builds a reputation, and shapes your brand’s future.

Although there are tons of guides and how-tos when it comes to reaching a desired target with the content, we’ve rounded 9 key ideas that will definitely help you save time.

Driving the focus on the right tools is actually very important. Once you know how to deal with the online presence, you spend more time on other valuable things as content ideas and future marketing plans.

Here’s a list of 9 Ideas to Create Engaging B2B Content on Social Media:

Share customer experiences

Customer experience is the number one priority for most businesses. That’s because a happy client tends to pay for a service if it is all worth it. Then, they recommend it to others as well.

We on Publer have displayed tons of options to share everyone’s review regarding their experience (on social media, Capterra, Crozdesk, Google, etc.). Meanwhile, we track mentions on each social platform and follow-up with them.

Sharing other’s experiences is useful for us and for new customers as well. It helps others understand how a service/product helped someone with their workflow.

CTA Buttons

Call To Action buttons are commands that drive attention and help you and the customer save a lot of time.

They are easy to understand. If you want people to sign up to your website, simply share the website link and add a Sign Up CTA button.

We on Publer help use CTA buttons on Facebook and Google My Business. Everybody seems to enjoy the fast interaction with a CTA button.

Become part of the competition

There’s always a trending hashtag that drives a lot of engagement on a post.

Identifying and incorporating trending hashtags is always a smart strategy to drive traffic to a post. The post will automatically be part of that hashtag filter.

People love getting involved in a trending post as they also take advantage towards their profile.

In a previous article about Valentine’s Day, we’ve highlighted a tip that included a branded hashtag. We’ve mentioned that starting a hashtag contest is in fact helpful. This is how you get to become part of the trend, by being unique at the same time.

For example: #lovePUBLER.

Add a HelpCenter

A knowledge center is what will save your life, in case you’re a niche-focused business.

People will always make questions when they don’t understand the benefits of a service/product. Also, they want to learn more about someone else’s feedback and their experience.

When you treat yourself with a HelpCenter, it means you are about to save yourself and your customers some time.

A useful knowledge center should be grammatically-error-free; must contain related articles attached to text; must contain helpful visuals that best explain the purpose and don’t confuse the reader.


An amazing and real-time engaging content idea is the newsletters. Whether you’re putting too much effort into the graphics, the content, or the call-to-action button, people tend to click on the newsletters.

We on Publer have been curating newsletter campaigns since forever. We’re currently using an advanced platform that allows us to group the promotional and social campaigns.

SM Holiday Calendar February 2021 campaign

According to constantcontact.com, this is the average industry rate for email as of December 2020.

Visual Content

Visual content is the most engaging type of content. Photos, videos, Gifs, infographics, carousel posts – they all help sharp your social media feed and attract customers.

Each type of content explains the main essence of the context. That’s the beauty of using visuals. They help reduce text and catch people’s attention in seconds. That’s the main idea of using visuals, anyway.

Brand collaborations

A collaboration is a strategic way to reach a new audience. It helps target customers easily and raise a huge brand awareness.

Brand collaborations trigger higher profits and customer loyalty. People feel safe using a product that has been referred by another brand.

Mix-up the content

When we create new posts for our social media feed, we focus on mixing-up the content by adding media, some text, emojis, etc.

When you curate your posts to be easy to understand, you save yourself a lot of follow-up questions.

For example: What’s the point of sharing an article on LinkedIn, when followers read is the title? Not adding some extra information (or emojis) that showcase whether the article is worth reading or not, will immediately drive the reader away. You don’t want to look like a spam account, and also, there’s a reason why social networks allow you to mix a link with some caption.

The same goes for the long captions – imagine a whole article written on a single post. If that’s not poetry, don’t even take it into consideration. People’s attention span is short when it comes to social media. If you don’t have meaningful and worth-reading content, people won’t even spend another second on that.

Although photos, videos, and Gifs are not allowed to be mixed-up, that actually makes sense!

Focus on SEO

SEO is an amazing tool that helps share information and reach a relevant audience. It encourages clicks and conversions as it is efficient.

SEO helps stand out, gain new visitors, and track useful metrics.

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