Importance of Video Marketing in 2020

Creating a video to showcase a brands’ products and services is one of the most powerful method of promotion nowadays. It absolutely has its own challenges, but it is a straight-forward and amazing way to make an impression.

People need to see a combination of moving visuals and a good content. That’s how they get curious and also real-time information without even having to lose time reading. It is very important for a brand to have this kind of online presence to differentiate from competitors.

Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash

Let’s list the top advantages of getting started and/or improving your video marketing strategy:

  • Effective ROI– People tend to get more inspired and connect to a video, therefore they take a faster action towards what they’re looking at.
  • Trust imposition– Displaying all your brand’s features, tools, and offers in a video creates a strong connection to the audience. There’s everything they really need to see: information, colors, emotions. It’s the efforts you put to a video creation that translate into faith.
  • Can’t forget details– In a video, people insert all that’s best to show to the audience. There’s enough time to explain everything smoothly. It is a flexible strategy to cover almost everything you might not be able to write about.
  • If any good, your video can get viral– That’s what most people are doing right now. They tend to share what they love most in a click. And what’s better than a short, detailed video about their favorite update?

Photo by Thomas Russell on Unsplash

Many companies have declared that video marketing is expensive and therefore they don’t intend on using it. It gets you thinking: what if it was free? Would every brand have its own range of videos in each social network they are currently active on? The answer seems to be positive.

During the last months, people have been using webinars and demos more than they used to before. It has literally changed the whole idea to everyone who thought that videos are useless or time-consuming. Everyone has been at least once in a video call and realized that the information has been given fast and in a correct way. So what’s not to like?

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