Important updates to plans & pricing

This year’s focus is to offer you the absolute best experience with Publer.

  • We will soon launch a new brand identity that will eventually be followed by a completely redesigned dashboard.

  • The mobile app for Android and iOS, currently in closed beta with a few customers, will allow you to schedule all your social media posts on the go.

  • Agencies will find it much easier to manage their clients’ social accounts using the upcoming workspaces, better collaborations, and the white label solution.

  • And by the end of the year, we aim to offer 24/7 customer support.

In order to keep innovating at this pace without sacrificing quality, there will be a slight increase in pricing for new customers starting in mid-May of this year.

While the new pricing will ONLY affect new paying customers, we will also change the structure and the name of the plans a little bit.

  • We will introduce a new free plan that will support all post types, including multi-photo posts, videos, and GIFs, but instead of 5, it will be limited to only 3 social accounts.

  • We will introduce a new middle plan called Professional, currently called Argentum, that will support all post types as well, but will no longer offer analytics.

  • Publer Aurum, on the other hand, will stay the same but will be called Business.

If you’re happy with your current free plan or Argentum plan, you will be given the option to keep it as it is forever or switch to the new corresponding plan.

Aurum users won’t have to take any action. Their plan will be automatically switched to the new Business plan.

If you’re still debating, make sure to sign up for / be on the plan that you need before mid-May when the new plans & pricing will go into effect.

Our #1 policy is to never charge more or offer less than what you signed up for, and we mean it.


Ervin Kalemi
Founder & CEO

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