Instagram is now testing ads in Reels

Instagram is now testing ads in Reels

Last month, in April 2021, Facebook began testing ads in Reels. People from Australia, Brazil, Germany, and India were the first ones to see those.

Ads in Reels will be the same: up to 30 seconds long, full-screen & vertical. Also, they can receive likes and comments, saves, and shares from anyone who sees them.

Instagram is now testing ads in Reels

At the moment, Instagram Reels is still collecting feedback from users. It’s always important to get feedback before rolling out a brand new feature to everyone.

We know that Instagram already provides ads on Stories, which are vertical as well. But Reels are even more powerful, being that they receive more engagement from users.

Lately, Facebook has also mentioned that they’ll make it possible for Creators to make their Stories monetizable. That will happen through Story stickers that are being tested. We know how important and engaging Story stickers are – therefore, adding more stickers to Facebook Stories will empower Creators to prepare more content and make money out of them.

In April 22, Facebook announced for the first time the evolution of Facebook and Instagram video ads.

According to Facebook, 90% of people follow a business on Instagram. Being so, the power of Instagram Reels is already becoming stronger.

Ads in Reels won’t be any different from the Reels themselves. As seen in the image below, Facebook will add stickers to Stories. That aims to enhance user’s online presence by allowing them to quickly engage with Reels. The image below shows a ‘Shop now’ CTA that will help users purchase products right away.

Instagram is now testing ads in Reels
Courtesy of Facebook

According to, Instagram users increased 4.34% in Brazil since the day Reels were added as a new feature on Instagram. And Instagram Downloads Increased 11.4% in India.

The average time spent on Instagram in India increased by 3.5% since the launch of Instagram Reels.

These innovative options will help users, brands, and creators to make the most out of their time. Also, they will help monetize their work, and boost sales/engagement like never before. We know how powerful video content has always been on social media. Therefore, we can now embrace their supercharging power.

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