5 Instagram Live Tips for Small Businesses

5 Tips to Get the Best for Your Business Using Instagram Live Christina Lee

Written by Christina Lee

Social media has grown in popularity year on year, as has the way in which it is used.  Instagram is so much more than a photo-sharing platform with the occasional dance craze.  Today, leading businesses use this platform to promote their products and to attract new clientele.

Companies now have teams that control social media channels and must keep up with trends and demands.  Instagram Live is one such tool that is being recognized as invaluable to businesses.  But what is it?

In short, it is part of the Instagram story option but is streamed in real-time.  This tool is so important as research studies have found that people would rather watch a live stream than read a blog.  Therefore, it is vital that you know how to make the best use of this feature.

5 Tips to Get   the Best  for Your Business   Using  Instagram Live Christina Lee

Tip Number 1: Practice makes perfect

How do you do this for Instagram Live?  The whole point is that you are Live and can’t edit your upload.  Well, there is a way that you can have a practice run first.  Set up an account specifically for this purpose.  You don’t need to worry about followers for this page, just use this as a trial run.   If it is a success, copy it onto your business page.  If it is a disaster, delete it and start again.

Tip Number 2: Audience participation

As good as your Instagram Live is going to be, people don’t want to be talked at, they want to feel involved.  Offering audience participation is a great way to increase the traffic to your business page.  This can be the offer of a live question and answer session at the end of the live streaming to encourage participation.

‘Businesses need potential new clients to feel involved and a part of the company.  Live question and answer sessions are a great way to achieve this,’   reports Jeremy Phillips, a business writer at Boomessays and Paper Fellows.

Attracting new clients using the Instagram Live feature for your business is a smart strategy. Keep up with trends and customers.
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Tip Number 3: Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

A phrase that has stood the test of time in a whole host of scenarios.  It is equally applicable for Instagram Live sessions.  Before going live on Instagram you must be organized and prepared.  This starts with a script of some sort so that you have an idea of what you are going to say and where you are going to be going to.  Adapt as you go, but there must be a general plan made initially.

Also, check your battery and internet connection before going live.  It is also worth turning your Do Not Disturb function on your phone.  Receiving a call during a live stream loses the connection which loses customers.

Tip Number 4: Tell people about it

You will know when your Instagram Live is going to be along with your team, but who else knows?  It is critical that your live stream is advertised to maximize the number of people tuning in.  If people don’t know about it, they won’t stumble across it by accident.  Use social media, email lists, and your website to tell as many people as possible.  They in turn tell people they know and word spreads quickly.

‘A week before the Live is planned is a good window to promote your live streaming.  Social media is the most effective way to reach the maximum amount of people,’ advises Jenny Lennon, a highly respected marketing blogger at State of writing and Essay Roo.

Attracting new clients using the Instagram Live feature for your business is a smart strategy. Keep up with trends and customers.
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Tip 5: Don’t lose it, reuse it!

No this is not a recycling plea but a step that is often forgotten, particularly through Instagram.  At the end of the live session, click Save in the top corner.  This gives you the chance to watch yourself back and analyze your performance.  This means you can improve on your next upload.  You can also check the quality of your tech.  Another benefit of this is that you can upload the video to your story and allow access for 24 hours.  A second chance for those who couldn’t make the Live session.

Instagram Lives can be a scary proposition but with regular sessions and more practice, they can be a hugely beneficial addition to your business and its marketing avenues.

Christina Lee is a leading project manager at the Ukwritings and College paper writing service.

Alongside her passion for outdoor sports, she writes about marketing news and technologies for many services, such as Assignment writing.

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