Instagram SEO – Tips And Tricks You Should Know

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important strategies to use if you want your brand to be discovered on Top search engines.

When we first hear about SEO, we think of blog articles that surely need a devoted time and effort.

Taking care of the SEO is like riding the bike. Never stop riding because you’ll either stop or fall!

In order for your brand to reach a huge audience and gain a lot of engagement on social media, try taking care of your Instagram SEO.

This screenshot is taken from Publer's Instagram feed to show the consistent colours.
Publer on Instagram

You read that right.

Create an Instagram Business account that is public, has a link of your website on its BIO, and has consistent colours on the feed.

Your Instagram’s account name and description must include the brand’s name/niche and its main services/solutions. If you take good care of the keywords on your brand’s Instagram profile, you’re one step closer to achieving your goals regarding visibility.

SEO is affected by the hashtags as well. Treating the hashtags as if you’re curating a blog post makes it easily discoverable on the Explore and search pages.

Hashtags are texts that you add to your posts on social media, to describe a specific feature, tool, promotion, etc. that you’re sharing. Hashtags are categorized by their popularity and it is recommended a maximum of 2 trending hashtags on each post.

Publer is currently providing hashtags suggestions via its simple tool that allows the user to pick their favorite Great, Good, or Poor hashtags in a simple click.

Did you know that you could add Alt Texts on your images on Instagram?

Just like on blog articles, users can add Alt Texts to each of their photos in order to boost the reach and get easily discoverable. Adding alt text to Instagram posts is important if you embed your posts into content, since the Instagram post’s alt text will work on your website for accessibility.

Another trick to help the Instagram SEO is to track specific post insights.

The more you know, the better. If you see that there are some specific posts that are getting more engagement (likes, reach, comments, video views, etc.) than you should study their performance. The way to do this is to properly track their insights by using the proper digital tools.

Publer allows you to track post insights: reach and engagement. Creating a marketing plan out of the analytics is a great option. Check to see which is the best time to post on Instagram and stick to it.


  • You don’t want to copy other profile’s content and images. Keep it original. You can find amazing and Free images on different sites like Unsplash, Pexels, or Pixabay. Also, you can create multiple illustrations fast and for free on Canva.

  • Buying followers shouldn’t be an option. Almost all Instagram users understand when an Instagram profile has fake and paid followers. How? It’s easy – none of the posts get the right engagement compared to the number of followers!

  • Tag different locations. Is your business a local one? Well, you could target different visitors if you share an amazing picture of an influencer or maybe collaborate with another brand that’s in a whole other country/continent. Make sure to be diverse when tagging a location and thank us later. Here‘s how you tag a location on Publer.

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