Instagram Story Drafts and Quick Replies With Stickers

When it comes to updates about social media, we’re curious and can’t wait to explore them.

Although most of the updates roll out really slowly, we still stay informed and prepared.

Save Stories as Drafts

So, lately, Instagram has announced that every user will be able to save Stories as Drafts so that they can use them at a later time.

Courtesy of Instagram on Twitter

According to Adam Mosseri on Twitter, head of Instagram, former head of News Feed, and designer, people have been asking for this new update and it’s finally being taken into consideration.

Story Drafts are a good way for every social media manager to carefully review the Stories before sharing them. Also, everyone can check the insights to better organize and schedule these Stories, based on the audience.

We don’t know for sure how Drafts are going to work: meaning whether people can also save stickers or not, but anyway, we’ll let you know as soon as we have news.

Everyone can already save Stories by downloading them, but that seems to not be enough, and there’s a good reason for that – Stories might get lost and forgotten in the photo gallery.

Quick Reply with Stickers

Another new update is the way users can reply to Stories. At the moment, users can reply with emojis, but Instagram is testing a new thing: replying with stickers.

According to InstaLeaks on Twitter, Instagram is testing a quick reply with stickers in four categories. The categories are Happy, Love, Funny, and Sad.

This is new and interesting because, at the moment, users have a limited number of emojis to use as quick replies to express a thought/emotion: a total of 8. This helps save time and analyze reactions for influencers as well.

Courtesy of InstaLeaks on Twitter

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