Instagram’s Focus is on Mental Health Online!

Instagram new updates focus on improving mental health online

Fact: Social media’s impact on its users of various age groups is undeniable. Plus, Instagram is seriously impacting every user’s mental health online, whether that’s a positive or a negative one.

Among many benefits that Instagram provides to businesses, such a significant influence has its drawbacks on the other side of the medal. And that side reflects its shadows on mental health online.

So, the constant pressure to be perfect, have an ideal life, and look a certain way affects mental health worldwide. Finally, Instagram started to take mental health seriously. 

Mental health online is important to new updates from Instagram.

Instagram Efforts in Improving Mental Health Online

The platform, where everything shines bright like a diamond and users show their perfect side, started to pay attention to the indirect impact on mental health. 

The Main Developments on Instagram stand for:

-Providing Updates in Guides Feature

During the long period of the pandemic, there was an enhancement in healthy diets and home exercise content on everyone’s IG Feed. So, Instagram projected a Guides feature to promote wellness programs. 

Professional nutritionists and experts in fitness became valuable creators on how to practice mindfulness and self-care. Creating wellness guides eased creators’ work in encouraging users to improve their physical shape, leading to better mental health.

-Supporting Users Affected by Eating Disorders & Body Displeasure

Instagram’s new update enables instant blur to posted images in case the algorithm detects searching or sharing any self-harm-related content on his account. 

Moreover, the platform will integrate helpful resources in many countries worldwide. These new, specific resources will function as help centers for users who face body image issues.

Stop cyberbullying and share love to improve mental health online.

-Supporting Specialists to Share their Expertise Globally

Instagram goes further with the collaboration with experts. The platform will increase its support in hosting feedback sessions with community leaders and experts globally. Users will get the chance to reach new methods of dealing with eating disorders and negative body image.

-Strengthening Actions Against Cyberbullying 

Instagram has been updating bullying regulations since 2019. It has set clear goals in constantly adding penalties to those who practice cyberbullying. 

Instagram intends to provide e a safer and more positive experience for users by encouraging positive interactions and empowering the community by restricting accounts in the attempt of cyberbullying. 

In a nutshell, it seems like Instagram has increased its efforts to do something about improving its users’ mental health online and providing a positive experience within the platform. 

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