8 Key Tips That Help Boost Customer Loyalty

We’re mentioning loyalty so close to Valentine’s Day (pun intended) to wake up the powerful effect it has on every human being.

At least once, we’ve heard interesting, yet ugly stories about the other face a brand shows when it comes to communicating with customers.

Customer loyalty is a key indicator of a healthy and wealthy brand that aims to keep on growing.

Here’s a list of 10 Key Tips That help Boost Customer Loyalty:

  • Fast responses

Something that would make every brand proud is the public declaration of how fast the customer support is! People want fast answers/solutions, just like you. 

Imagine yourself experiencing issues and you have literally no time to wait. You ask for help and nobody is there for you. That’s exactly how you make others feel when all you need is to solve things.

  • Have some sense of humor and use emojis, often.

Sometimes, it happens to enable the humor side when various customers suggest funny ideas for future marketing campaigns.

It’s healthy for you and your brand to behave like a human even in virtual reality. People need to know that they can express their thoughts and ideas without any hesitation.

  • Reward whoever deserves to be rewarded

There are tons of loyal customers (or Top Fans, as stated on Facebook) who always support everything about your brand. They love your updates and like to share new ideas to make the brand grow healthier.

Those kinds of customers are indeed hard to find and it never costs you anything to reward them. Whether you highlight them on group announcements, send personalized gifts, etc., there’s always something right about that.

  • Ask and offer to help

As an always-growing business, you should always ask for your audience’s opinion. We on Publer have social media groups (respectively on Facebook and LinkedIn) that help us get a better understanding of what everyone really wants. That’s always useful as this way you save time and money!

Also, there are tons of customers that might not request something totally related to your brand, but something lookalike. That’s when your pretty face comes in handy – offer to help by doing a quick research and let them know about what they’re requiring, plus, the source of information (never forget!).

  • Be creative and keep an engaged audience

Whether you’re giving away cash to find out a name for your new brand or creating polls that drive engagement, don’t hesitate to show everyone that customer loyalty is key to your daily work.

  • Provide multiple customer service options

We on Publer provide multiple options when it comes to customer service. To us, taking good care of it is one of our most important missions. We’re currently providing a Live Chat option on the website where actual humans (not bots) get to answer the questions. We love being there for our customers when they have a quick question/issue with their workflow.

Also, we’re providing the curated HelpCenter, which has over 170 articles. Each article contains a proper answer, links, and lots of screenshots that help the user understand how to fix an issue.

Another mode of contacting us is the email address. We’re active on all social networks as well, where each message/comment gets a real-time response.

Another cool option Publer provides is the 1-on-1 Demo which helps the user understand the ins and outs of the platform. This way they can make the most out of Publer and smoothly schedule all future posts.

Every member of the team is on LinkedIn and that’s a whole cool way to contact us as well. We love helping Publer’s customers deal with issues, announce news, let them be aware of upcoming events, etc.

Last but not least, our Google My Business presence contains all the proper information, in case you want to reach out to Publer’s office, find the phone number or email address, view reviews, etc.

  • Talk and listen to your audience

  • Create a loyalty program

Loyalty programs consist of tracking and collecting feedback from Top customers after they’ve supported you online, purchased items from your eCommerce store, always attend your events/affairs, etc.

These loyalty programs we’re talking about doesn’t encourage customers to spend more, but earn more – and that sounds more fun and smart.

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