Keywords Importance on Pinterest

Keywords Importance on Pinteres

Many are lately talking about the Keywords Importance on Pinterest, but why?

If you are a loyal user of Pinterest you know what this is all about. Pinterest is the visual social network that helps brands showcase their products easily and lets customers purchase goods and/or get inspired. Being so, everyone might think that a rich Pin makes the whole difference, but that is not everything.

Every time you want to search something you write the exact word that you are looking for, and therefor you get the relevant information. In case you are doing a research, Pinterest helps find hundreds of articles from which you can gather information and thank the source.

Keywords are all about targeting the right users. If you are posting Pins about fashion, you need to mention the right words that best fit with that niche.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Here’s a list of top benefits of the right keywords usage:

  • Reach more people and drive more traffic into your website

On Pinterest, you can attach your website link to each Pin. Users can simply click on a photo and they will be automatically directed to the proper website URL. This is the best way to get more people reach your articles. In case you have a business account on Pinterest and are willing to sell products, then everyone can be directed easily to the page.

  • Increase sales

Pinterest has now released extra sales options to help promote products faster and easier. What users have to do is simply click on a Pin and they will be automatically directed to the link where this product is being published on an e-commerce page.

  • Multi-functional

Pinterest has a huge active audience. It is age-friendly and every year people are using it more and more. It’s a fast platform, therefor people find it a solution-provider to their jobs or leisure.

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Where can you insert these keywords?

Profile description

First, you need to create a very attractive profile description. Let everyone know who you are and what you are good at. If you are an influencer make sure to write it and make it visible, because everyone who is looking for a Pinterest Influencer won’t lose time, but contact you directly. Share information or favorite quotes also, so they know what you are more focused on and get to know you a little bit more.
It is always a great idea to be positive and write something personal like hobbies or when you started the profession.

Pin titles

A short, yet appropriate title is what your audience will basically look after more. Everyone wants a fast introduction of what they are about to read and being precise should be your superpower. For example, if you are sharing some travel-related Pin, its title should be totally travel-oriented. It might be a tip, trick, curiosity, news, etc.

Pin description

Not willing to write a description to your Pins? Then you should be aware of the neutral impact you are making. Let’s say you click on a Pin and see an amazing eye-catching title like ‘Instagram Hacks 2020’. The first thing you do is think about its content because nobody will ever just save a title. Everyone who clicks on that Pin is interested in knowing more and read a recap/preview of what this pin leads to. Use emojis, hashtags, precise information, and try to make them even more curious and interested. That’s the trick to make them visit your website.

Board titles and descriptions

When you group the Pins, you intend to show to others that they all are related in a way or another. Let’s say there’s a board on your Pinterest account named ‘Quotes about work’. The title is clear enough to understand that every Pin added to that group is containing a quote about work. But extra information is always welcome. Show users what else they can find on that board, except for quotes. Give them a reason to save your work, share it, or even use them on work meetings.

This is how you target the proper audience and gain a huge engagement on your Pinterest profile and website. Everyone who finds the information they have been searching of will keep following and mostly referring you to others.

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