Learn from Top Liked Photos of 2019

It’s just amazing how some pics on social media can spread a message worldwide and are shot on specific days of influencers’ life. 

Likes are made for some gratitude to someone’s last day of life, missions to lift unity and embrace human rights or needs, an influencer who appears without a single filter on to show the simplicity of other “imperfect human beings”, etc. 

What a paradox it is for the human mind to find out that TOP liked pictures on social media are whether a single egg on a white background or a hard-working, young billionaire Kylie Jenner.

So, we guess we found your formula..

What people like lies in between naked pictures, which transform simple information to be processed by the mind. How so? Let’s refresh. A naked egg on a naked background, naked billionaire posing with a naked make-up, naked messages regarding human rights and gender equality, naked luxury and that’s it. Naked truth covered in naked photography is a magnet for the audience. 

After all the declarations regarding the needs of the population, it is highly recommended to note that Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms are one of the best ways to treat business with. Besides the fact that the business itself might be complicated, it only needs a simple and naked truth sold out artistically. 

Are the hashtags hidden behind this whole mind-game? What about sponsored advertisements? 

Facts have shown that it takes an influencer or a competition to behave differently in a business, where multiple people are included. What’s for sure is the fact that it doesn’t take specific steps to build such a reputation online and it never will. Kind of a relief, when you think that you could just find that out and treat it as you need it.

Let’s talk about what a brand or micro-influencer has to do to keep up with the effectiveness of TOP liked pictures of 2019. Share simplicity as much as you can. People need to be unified more than ever in 2020. The world appears to be divided into two parts: the luxurious and robotic materials and mindsets and the wanna-be-the-other-part. Everyone needs to understand that each organism works the same for each human body and also everyone takes feedbacks (regardless of what they are claiming) in their businesses. 

The whole naked truth about postings is just the naked truth. 

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