LinkedIn Adds New Controls

LinkedIn adds new controls for its users

The platform to boost your professional network, LinkedIn adds new controls to enhance the quality of your feed. These options will ease the algorithm’s automated work in showing what’s relevant to you and your network. Read further to latest options by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Adds New Controls for users to select Low-Quality Posts

LinkedIn Adds New Controls to Select Low-Quality Posts

LinkedIn’s users are specialists or business accounts who connect and share their expertise in specific fields. As the best platform for sharing insights on important announcements, opinions for solving complex global challenges, inspirational stories, or supporting others in the professional community, LinkedIn has new updates. 

“I don’t want to see this” Option

Now it’s up to the users to select what’s relevant to their interests. There are three dots on the right side of any post that any user can click on. So, posts that users choose as not interesting will not be visible in their feed. 

LinkedIn Adds New Controls for users with "I don't want to see this" Option.

Relevant Polls

LinkedIn makes it easier to show you polls from your network instead of strangers. The company says that they will only show “helpful and relevant” polls from your connections, so you can stop getting overwhelmed with countless content irrelevant to you.  

Targeted Activity

With fewer irrelevant updates, you’ll have more time to connect with your professional networks. LinkedIn confirms a new update showing “targeted activity.” Finally, you’ll see posts of people you know, and you’re interested instead of new positions of people that are not connected with you.

Follow Option

As more and more people are turning to social media for work-related conversations, LinkedIn must find ways of staying on top. So, LinkedIn has the new option to choose “Follow” for creators, leaders, and experts in the field. Many professionals worldwide need to get in touch because of valuable news and insights they can share altogether.

LinkedIn's new option to follow creators and professionals relevant to your interests.

LinkedIn Adds New Controls to Safe Content

Last but not least, adding policies to keep conversations safe is among many options. This means studying and taking action against profiles that violate our professional community guidelines. When users report on posts or profiles, LinkedIn has strengthened our policies in blocking such irrelevant content. 

Wrapping Up!

LinkedIn adds new controls and updates its options continuously.

The constant efforts of the platform always focus for a better user experience. Certainly, LinkedIn users will have better options to obtain only valuable content on their feed.  

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