LinkedIn Importance for your Small Business in 2021

Owning a small business comes with great responsibility. Whether it’s about to reach new customers, raise brand awareness, boost sales, etc., LinkedIn is a trustful solution.

Similar to all other social networks, LinkedIn is a very important social platform that helps you achieve your small business goals.

Top 7 powerful features that make LinkedIn an important asset for your small business in 2021:

  1. As mentioned in a previous article, Social Media Stats That Matter To Marketers In 2021, LinkedIn counts 30 million company accounts and over 310 million monthly active users. Both of these stats help you sharp a more fruitful idea of how you can make the most out of your page on LinkedIn. Each user is an opportunity to raise awareness so you can transform your business into a sales-driven one.

2. LinkedIn provides numerous small business tools that help you connect to the audience easily and fast. LinkedIn provides Live video streaming, Events, Free Learning Courses, #JointheConversation – a dedicated hashtag to help you empower your small business’ visibility by simply sharing an idea in the comments, etc.

3. The right post (that contains a trending #hashtag) can go viral. This is an impressive chance so you can reach tons of potential customers that are interested in your product/service.

4. Hiring super-powers. LinkedIn enables various tools to help everyone add their professional experience, share jobs, and hire.

5. View insights

LinkedIn allows you to view and study Visitors, Updates, and Followers.

Visitors (Page views, Unique visitors, and Custom button clicks)

Demographics based on a time range and data for: Job function, Location, Seniority, Industry, and Company Size.

Updates (Reactions, Comments, and Shares)

Update engagement based on a time range and data for: Update title, Posted by, Impressions, Views, etc.

Followers (Total number and New followers)

Followers metrics based on a time range and data for demographics based on: Job function, Location, Seniority, Industry, and Company Size.

Companies to track: How your followers and updates compare to those of other similar companies based on time range.LinkedIn Ads. One of the most powerful marketing solutions from LinkedIn is the ability to create paid ads for specific objectives. Awareness (Brand Awareness). Consideration (Website visits, Engagement, Video views). Conversions (Lead generation, Website conversions, Job applicants).

You’ll be able to interact with real-time analytics on your sponsored ads.

6. Product page. LinkedIn provides a whole new page dedicated to your products. You can add the name, description, website, product videos & screenshots, and featured customers. It is an amazing chance for your audience to get a quick and detailed view of all your products.

7. Groups. Groups are smart ways to get your loyal customers together. You can treat them with information and updates, polls, games, so everybody gets to know who’s behind the brand.

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Recently, LinkedIn has shared an infographic related to Customer Engagement Strategies. It contains 5 amazing and straight-forward tips. You can view it here.

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