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LinkedIn New Reaction in 2022 is named Funny

As the platform with 49 million people using it for jobs each week and  57M+ companies listed on it, LinkedIn’s primary responsibility is to fulfill its users’ requests as much as possible. The most wanted addition from its users was Funny, the LinkedIn new reaction.

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LinkedIn Reactions Benefits

LinkedIn reactions are a set of emotional expressions on every post in users’ feeds. They provide LinkedIn members with an effortless method to show their feelings about a specific post, participate in conversations, and share their thoughts with their network. 

1: Adds a Human Touch

LinkedIn reactions naturally express the feelings of members when they read a specific post while scrolling on their feed. This adds a human touch to members’ interactions. Plus, it leads to a better understanding of the post’s impact. Such information is crucial for the post creator. 

2: Better Reach

The more reactions a post obtains, the higher will be the engagement of its creator’s account. When we reach on a post, it’s visible to our network’s feed. This is how that particular post gets more impressions and a better reach. 

3: Improves Networking

If you notice that your connections have reacted to a post that announces a new update, you’ll surely react, comment or check its source of information. 

Once you realize that the account which posted it constantly updates relevant news to your industry, you might connect or follow the page by potentially improving your network.

new linkedin reactions

LinkedIn Reactions

You’ll notice a new blue smiley face among the other colorful reactions when you press the like button. LinkedIn names the new “happy” reaction as “Funny”. 

LinkedIn New Reaction – Funny

The blue smiley face means that the post caused a slight smile, felt funny or caused a light-hearted reaction in you.

Celebration Reaction 

Two green hands applauding mean you’re cheering for an announcement, complimenting a personal or professional accomplishment.

Support Reaction

It means you empathize with someone’s experience or support them during a challenging time.

Love Reaction

Tells on your end that the post is touching and resonates with you. Primarily, personal posts with sensitive stories. 

Insightful Reaction 

The most suitable reaction is to express that you agree with the post, whether it’s a great point, a new idea, or valuable insights. 

Curious Reaction

It tells that the specific post sparked your interest to question and want to learn more about that specific information. 

7 linkedin reactions

Why Funny is the LinkedIn New Reaction?

It might sound weird, but yes. LinkedIn’s users have mainly required a small but significant update. Everyone agrees to have a friendlier reaction option to posts, although the platform tends to promote business announcements or career accomplishments. 

Still, LinkedIn is constantly updating its features and adopting new approaches from its users. 

On one side of the medal, it keeps up its primary intention of connecting professionals and companies worldwide. On the other side of the medal, it has perfectly merged a human touch with success stories, posts asking for funding, and human support for important movements

LinkedIn is powerfully connecting the world beyond professional aspects. As its positive influence expands, its funny reactions are indeed needed.

A funny, joyful impression is the LinkedIn New Reaction.

The LinkedIn New Reaction named “Funny” is a blue smiley face meaning a joyful impression on a post.

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