LinkedIn Stories to Grow Your Business? Top 9 Strategies!

Top 9 Strategies to grow your business by using LinkedIn stories and swipe up feature

Stories are the ultimate feature that every social network should provide. They help display information quickly so you can easily reach a new audience. Although LinkedIn seems like a very formal platform, LinkedIn stories can impressively impact any business.

Stories have powerful tools that help discover trends and reach audiences by location, hashtags, stickers, etc. 

Some social networks like Facebook and Instagram already have a Swipe-up action on Stories.

LinkedIn Stories went live in September 2020. As LinkedIn states, sharing Stories is an easy way to build meaningful relationships with your professional community. Finally, faster than any other social platform, LinkedIn launched its Swipe-up action on Stories, and people love its powerful advantages.

linkedin stories

The swipe-up feature on LinkedIn Stories is only available to users that:

  • Have more than 5000 followers or connections
  • Their primary button on the profile is Follow (not Connect)

To add a link to your LinkedIn stories:

  1. Open LinkedIn on your mobile
  2. On the top of your screen, you’ll see your brand’s Story area
  3. Click the + icon
  4. Take a photo/video or select one from the photo gallery
  5. Tap the link icon on the top right corner
  6. Type a link or paste it from the clipboard
  7. Modify the post according to your preferences and click Share Story

9 Strategies to Use The Swipe Up Feature on LinkedIn Stories:

1. Hiring announcements

LinkedIn is a professional social network that helps promote job vacancies easily.

Besides all its features and options to add job announcement details, LinkedIn stories also come in handy. You can create professional Canva designs. It already has multiple free LinkedIn Story templates, but you can also make one from scratch.

Make sure to attach a link to the story that directs the viewer to the proper site they can fill out the application.

2. Share professional tips

One of the most important and useful strategies to attract your customer’s attention is to share professional tips regarding your niche. 

Allow influencers or customers to take over your stories and share their ideas. Except for your audience, takeovers boost the reach quickly.

3. Short but professional ‘behind-the-scenes videos

LinkedIn requires you to have a professional online presence. But, we all know that a team is made of human beings; therefore, you can also showcase that aspect of the business.

4. New services/products releases

What’s better than a product release that could fit into your brand’s LinkedIn Stories?

It is all about announcements and reaching your audience quickly and easily. And Stories ought to provide that.

Anyone following your brand on LinkedIn can easily find your Stories on mobile, tap, and watch.

5. Promote live events

Whether a giveaway-related or a webinar, promoting a live event attracts customers and drives them to take action towards these announcements.

6. Host an AMA

AMA or Ask Me Anything is an exciting way to stay in touch with your audience. Hosting an AMA means boosting trust. You already have a topic in mind and know the best time your audience is online.

Setting a date and a time for the AMA session means your audience has enough time to prepare some questions. A proper organization of AMA can highlight the best side of your brand and team.

7. Highlight benefits, ticks, and tricks

Every product and service has its tricks that are always worth sharing. We on Publer usually share the benefits of using a post scheduler to save months. People love the fact a software can affect their lives positively.

8. Promote other’s content within your industry

There’s always someone talking about something within your industry. Sharing their content means you want to help your community learn more about what you do, in someone else’s words.

An influencer is a perfect example when it comes to this aspect. Connecting with influencers that create unique content and share their honest opinions might help you grow exponentially, whether you’re paying or not.

9. Showcase your best employees

Behind every product launch or fantastic feedback, a dedicated employee made most of that possible. It’s nice to give some kudos publicly and motivate the team.

Implement these strategies and let us know how LinkedIn stories will improve your experience!

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