Live Producer Tool? Instagram Confirms Testing It!

Live Producer Tool In Testing Phase Instagram

The most fantastic news for all creators and broadcasters is finally here! Instagram is testing a new Live Producer tool to facilitate the process of streaming live from a PC. All you need is accurate streaming software and good ideas. 

Based on the TechCrunch announcement, Instagram is still in its testing phase of the new tool, but this is one of the most heart-warming news. Just how it’s available for Facebook, it was time that Meta made such a move also on Instagram.

It was time that Meta tests live producer tool also on Instagram.

Live Producer Tool Expectations

Instagram is constantly updating existing features and adding new ones to facilitate its users’ experience. So, whenever Instagram announces a new tool in the testing phase, many expectations arise from users worldwide. This is particularly true if that tool is exciting and profitable for creators and influencers. 

-New Pairings

It’s expected that the new integration will lead to opening up product features beyond the traditional phone camera. So with the Live Producer tool, we can expect additional cameras, external microphones, and graphics easily integrated for a top-quality Livestream video.

-Event Preview

If you’ve started your live stream before the scheduled time to see what you’d look like, then this new update on the Live Producer tool marks the end of your sufferings. Thanks to the Live Producer viewer option, you’ll see a mirror of your setup. In other words, you’ll be able to see a preview of your stream.

Live Producer Tool will allow having an event preview.

-Limited Interaction

Broadcasters and viewers can engage in Live Producer by viewing and commenting on events happening within the tool. Hosts cannot monitor or do live features such as live rooms, shopping, fundraisers, comment pinning, and Q&A. The Live Producer tool does not support them still, in the testing phase.

-Live Archive

The Instagram Live Archive allows you to view, share and download your completed broadcasts. However, it’s possible to do so only with completed live videos and not the draft versions. Remember to access the Live Archive on Instagram mobile from your profile.

Users can view, share and download completed broadcasts with live archive option from Live Producer Tool.

How is Live Producer Tool expected to work?

First things first, choose the most suitable streaming software for your live event. Begin by extending your software’s interface and finding where to add the URL and stream key. 

Instagram states that these two elements (URL & stream key) are the ones that make it possible to broadcast with the streaming software setup directly to Instagram Live. 

Moreover, hosts must access Instagram from a PC, “Add post,” and select “Live” from the menu.

Live Producer Tool is expected to be easy to use for broadcasters.

Remember that it’s best to end the broadcast on Live Producer before completing the stream to ensure a smooth ending. Otherwise, by ending your video in the streaming software before your Live Producer broadcast, the live video will continue displaying the last frame from the streaming software. 

The live Producer Tool is a cool feature indeed!

Still, there’s a cold silence from Instagram in providing a specific date where it’s possible to benefit from such a feature. 

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