Manage Instagram DMs from your Desktop

It is amazing how everything works out for the best nowadays. All we’ve been waiting for is here! 

Say ‘Hello’ to sending DMs from your Desktop

All brands that have multiple social accounts where they advertise their services and products want to have everything under control in a single device because that’s how they can save time and make the best out of it. 

While on your Desktop, you can now manage all the questions to customers who are requesting some quick responses about your offer, event, sale, or support. There’s no need to switch between different devices, but only focus on one. 

Everyone can receive notifications and check everything out just like on the Instagram app. It has the same design and process: scroll, search, click, write and send! 

Why is that such a good news for brands?

They can finally never miss a Direct Message on their favorite and most used social account. Why haven’t Instagram even considered this before? It is a strong tool and it’s used by millions of people to share experiences, showcase their products, and expand the audience. 

Fast interaction. It is all about connecting. A fast answer and a fast solution make the dream support work. This way everyone can impress the audience by sending fast messages. 

Everything is easier on a Desktop, like copy-pasting different links or texts and also surfing through different pages. Also, you can send all types of media that you find during scrolling to everyone. 

It’s amazing how the most popular applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram have now something very big in common. It was about time. 

What’s next Zuckerberg? 

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