Mental Health Tips for Social Media Managers

Social media managers have to produce content and find unique photos every day in order to keep a decent online presence for the company they’re working for and also their clients. There’s a complex workflow between strategic thinking, creativity, the company’s reputation, etc.

This pressure crosses everyone’s mind almost every day and especially, during this one-in-a-lifetime situation we’re experiencing. Except for personal wellbeing, there’s the company’s ‘health’ that needs to be taken care of. During the last months, many brands have joined TikTok and have posted funny videos that have definitely changed everyone’s mood, at least for a couple of hours. We all know how ‘important’ it is to create a decent voice-over video and act as you’re the author on a skit.

Working from home has also changed the disponibility, which apparently has caused people to work more and not measure the time properly. People have felt an urgent need to finish more tasks.

Photo by Syed Hussaini on Unsplash

The real ‘survivors’ are the ones who were used to working for multiple customers for a long time, yet there has been a huge need to pause and think of retreats.

What’s for sure is the fact that social networks never sleep. They should always be up to date and most preferably, there should always be someone online to respond to each and every customer. This is why the first thing we thought of, was the dedication of a full day to scheduling all the upcoming posts. But, how would that be even possible if there’s a lot on the plate and no new ideas find their way?

There are quite a few tricks to take care of the mental health while working:

Decide to have a daily happy hour

Amazingly powerful! It is all about scheduling a specific time for your loved ones, while you enjoy a delicious meal and have a smooth conversation. The tip of having the best hour of the day is to turn off all electronic devices and enjoy a peaceful time.

It is all about making up your mind and for a moment forget about all work-related issues.

Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

Purchase and read powerful affirmations

There’s nothing compared to treating yourself with positive affirmations, which consist of famous quotes about the reality that is time-resistant. Dedicate enough time to continue reading about what best fulfills your motivation.

Stay hydrated and do a lot of exercises

As you’re trying to do your best on being imaginative, help your body stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and healthy juices. There are quite a few ways you could stretch the stress out, by doing some peaceful meditation, slow yoga and a bit of walking.

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