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Mentioning Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts in Publer

May 03, 2020

You can mention Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts while scheduling your posts with Publer!

All you need to do is type @ followed by the name of the Facebook Page or Twitter account you want to mention. We will show you suggestions as you type. You can then select one of the suggestions either using your mouse or your keyboard. Pretty straight forward, right?

Well, you may want to keep in mind that mentions are channel-specific. For example, Publer’s account on Twitter is not the same as the Facebook one. So if you try to mention a social account without specifying where you’re posting to, you will see the following warning: 

If you’re posting only to one social network, we suggest you select the social account(s) first and then create your post with mentions. If you’re posting to multiple social networks at once, we suggest you create the post base first, then select the social accounts which will allow you to customize your post (with mentions) for each social network as shown below:

When the posts are published, you will see that the Facebook Pages or Twitter accounts you mentioned will show up properly as if you used Facebook’s or Twitter’s interface.

You can also edit mentions on existing scheduled posts. 

A Few Restrictions

  • Facebook
    • Mentions on Facebook will only work when posting as a Page
      • If you’re posting to a Group, mentions will show up as regular text
    • You can only mention Facebook Pages, not Places, Users, Events or Groups
    • When scheduling a new album, mentions in the description will be ignored
      • You can still use mentions on photo captions
  • In order to prevent abuse, mentioning is not supported in
    • CSV files
      • You can still use mentions once the import has finished
    • Signatures
    • Post callbacks (follow-up comments & auto shares)
  • LinkedIn mentions will be supported once we get upgraded to the new LinkedIn API

Let us know if you have any questions or if you have another feature request. This has been Publer’s most requested feature to date! 

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