Meta Community Policies – What’s New?

New Meta Community Policies are available online

Millions of transactions happen within one day by Meta platforms. Everyone knows how to make an order from Facebook or Instagram. Thus, new Meta Community Policies updates protect users from fraudulent reviews, false Q&A, or scheming recommendations. 

Why Updating Meta Community Policies?

A satisfied Meta user might wonder what’s wrong with the current guidelines and why this update was necessary. Existing policies are excellent but not perfect. 

New Updates on Meta Community Policies

In a company with over 200 million businesses entrusting their activities to Meta technologies, it’s a constant responsibility to provide authentic information. Among many of its core values, the company highlights these three elements:

Equal Voice

Allowing equal voice means we don’t delete your review because of its content. Anyone from anywhere is welcome to add a review, whether that’s a positive or a negative experience. 

Actually, we delete offensive or fake reviews, even if that’s written in the most positive tone of voice. All viewpoints that comply with Meta policies are more than welcome in our apps and technologies. 

Accurate & Trustworthy Information

Meta community policies are strictly listed for both customers and businesses. Their automated technology and human reviewers are always after the screen to validate if the feedback complies with Meta’s policies before publishing.

Complying with Meta Community Policies means respecting its prohibition on manipulating reviews, misleading information, impertinence, sensitive graphic content, and spam.


Meta is continuously boosting advertising and commerce policies for a safer user experience. Still, the option of sending a report is among the most valuable and strongly encouraged by Meta’s services. Customers can write their opinion without offensive words. On the other hand, every business can report a violation review to Commerce Manager.

Meta Community Policies have new important updates on preventing misleading information, fraudulent reviews, false Q&A, or scheming recommendations.

About New Meta Community Policies

The Community Standards are compiled based on honest feedback from Meta’s users and the expertise of specialists in Meta’s technology and public safety. 

Moreover, some new updates on strengthening Meta’s Community Standards for businesses on Meta may be even stricter.

Business Community Feedback strictly highlights that manipulation, irrelevance, inappropriate graphic content, and spam are the main focus of general ratings and review policies.


Everyone knows that what truly makes customers purchase a product or book a service it’s good reviews. At Meta, they’ve noticed the importance of good reviews in a business. Therefore, updating and strengthening their community guidelines about reviews is the latest news we get from Meta. 

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