Micro VS Macro Influencers 

If you are new to your business and just started selling a product, you must know better than everyone how hard it is to differ from the lookalike products around.  In a world where everyone needs suggestions and guides to new products they want to use, it makes it easier to project a great online marketing plan.

An online marketing plan consists of being very active on Social Medias and present in each one’s email address’ Inbox.  The main strategy of getting a great audience check out your business profile is the micro and macro-influencers. They attract people’s attention like nobody else and are absolutely the fastest way to promote.


  • More interactivity with the followers!
  • Variety of choices. When thinking of investing in an online advertisement through a micro-influencer, you have a great number of choices whether you want a singer, food blogger, a makeup artist, etc. or all of them at the same time!
  • No fake social accounts! Well, the greatest part of micro-influencers has a lower possibility to have fake accounts that are following them. Meanwhile, the opposite happens to the accounts which are followed by millions of users.
  • B2B is an ancient, yet modern business strategy. A micro-influencer is also looking forward to grow their audience and become a macro one day. This way, businesses that promote products through them are willing to provide their products (for example for 6 months) for free; do the make up every week for free, or write articles about them in their Social Media accounts and website.

While macro-influencers make a very huge impact online, they might just seem like: “Just getting paid for this, I don’t really use it!”


  • Expertise. For sure macro-influencers work with a great team, who are getting paid very good and the way they promote is really attractive to the massive audience.
  • If you are a baby business, you may not spend more than one macro influencer at the same time and also, it is not always you who decides how your product is being described..

These are the reasons why all Social Media have specific tools, which are appropriate to conduct good online marketing for all users. Also, these tools are easy to use and time-saving.  Apparently, micro-influencers are “becoming” a part of this game and therefore they are more active and willing to overcome the real expectations of the businesses.

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