Most Common Content Marketing Myths You Should Stop Believing

Most Common Content Marketing Myths You Should Stop Believing by Mansi Shah

Written by Mansi Shah

With all the information available, it may be overwhelming to compete with various forms of content on the internet. However, content marketing is a rewarding journey if done accurately and maintaining consistency, quality, and nurturing the customer intent.

There’s no one-fits-all solution to brand identity, and misinformation may hinder your branding efforts. Hence, it’s essential to know the myths about content marketing, so you can use the right resources to create a winning content strategy.

Content marketing myths usually stem from a lack of insights into content performance. Whether you have been creating content for a while or just starting, you may have heard some common content marketing myths.

Most Common Content Marketing Myths You Should Stop Believing by Mansi Shah

Here are a few common content marketing myths:

Myth #1: Content marketing suits specific types of businesses

It couldn’t be farther from the truth. Although there are plenty of content marketing myths that are based on some element of truth, content marketing is not just for some businesses. There is no particular business that is most suited for content marketing.

Every content marketer engages with a brand’s story, and every brand has a unique story. The ability to understand your brand’s offering concerning the customer’s persona is the essence of content marketing. You achieve results by creating content that resonates with people. For any brand, this is ideal for lead generation, promotion, and creating awareness through engagement.

Myth #2: Anybody can create top-notch content

It is truly said that every business can benefit from content marketing, but first, you should understand the best practices. Although every brand is unique, you must follow certain standards and guidelines to ensure quality. That’s why experts are employed for content marketing.

Among the common content marketing myths, people often underestimate the value-added contribution of content creators. Creating content does not only mean having the right resources and equipment but also understanding the way people engage with ideas.

Unless you create a voice for your brand, there’s no value-added. For this, you need people who constantly engage with ideas and provide solutions to human-centric challenges.

The most important objective of content marketing is to create an impact and inspire people to take action.

Most Common Content Marketing Myths You Should Stop Believing by Mansi Shah
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Myth #3: Businesses can survive on purely text-based content

Text is important, but the ONLY text is not enough. While we debunk content marketing myths 2021, we must explore a few various forms of content. Video gathers more engagement than any other type of content on the internet. Additionally, social media interactions are a massive market for many businesses; using infographics tends to persuade people to share information with their network.

Brands are evolving with new forms of content, and while the text is important, text alone won’t cut it. A brand must leverage various forms of content to align its marketing style with the value generated to the customer.

Myth #4: Content marketing ROI is based on sales generated

This falls under the category of common marketing myths created by advertising because people expect a greater ROI for their marketing efforts. Sales are generally a good indicator of productivity. However, when it comes to content marketing, sales are not the only determinant of success. Engagement is also vital because more interactions build more trust in the market.

Honestly, sales will follow if you maintain a consistent brand tone and deliver quality content. You just have to nurture your audience with ideas that inform, inspire, and complement the user sentiment.

Most Common Content Marketing Myths You Should Stop Believing by Mansi Shah

Myth #5: Expecting quick and easy results

Almost every social media giant or search engine has a dedicated analytics tool for users. Shopping and video ads can tell you how much time people spend before they click or how many people clicked your ad in the last three hours. However, it is not the case with content marketing.

While you may expect quick results, it should be noted that results are a product of continuity. If you have a well-thought-out content strategy, you will get results. However, changing the entire thing around just because your first post didn’t get enough views is not a good strategy. You need to give yourself enough time.

You have to be patient when studying your content’s performance and make subtle changes while retaining the authenticity of your brand’s voice. If you continue the steady work, results will follow. It may take a month, maybe a year, before you truly understand content marketing. However, the journey is filled with learning, and the results are based on your commitment to creating value for the consumers.

Myth #6: Creation matters more than distribution

In Content Marketing, creating content is not the only process that matters. Content distribution techniques and strategies are just as important as content creation, if not more.

You may be an expert at creating mind-blowing copy, but you’re wasting effort and time if it is not read by your audience. The key is to be agile with your resources and experiment with varying forms of content.

Creators are urged to debunk content marketing myths by exploring various distribution channels. You will realize that the versatility of your content distribution strategy is more important than the volume of content you generate. Thus, without a solid promotional plan, content marketing does not return the best results.

Myth #7: Video marketing does not work

Among the common marketing myths, one of them is that posts published frequently create a stronger business presence and video does not work. However, video content gets the best engagement on the internet. It has the power to inspire people instantly, and every business must take the opportunity to create a video marketing strategy.

However, flooding your promotional channels with just content is not enough. You must post relevant, informative, interactive, and engaging videos for people to take an interest in. Even just one video a week can bring a lot of new energy to your brand engagement goals.

Myth #8: Blogging is a one-person job

Writers and bloggers may have written a neat piece for publication; but, they are not the only people behind a good blog. Optimizing pages, including descriptions, images, backlinks, responses, and monitoring metrics, is a cumulative effort.

Usually, companies employ more SEO experts than writers to ensure that the content created generates value. It’s not only about posting frequently but also optimizing content for the web. On- and off-page, SEO resources are vital to driving traffic and generating favorable results.

Among the common marketing, myths are that blogging is a one-person job, which is never the case. A blogger writes, but SEO experts, digital marketers, editors, and designers are at the core of content creation and promotion as well.

Wrapping Up

You can re-channel your content marketing efforts the right way by following a few simple steps and steering clear of such content marketing myths. As a content creator or marketer, your goal is to provide value and consistency paired with quality.

Most Common Content Marketing Myths You Should Stop Believing by Mansi Shah

Mansi works as a Content Manager at Clientjoy, a Sales CRM & Growth Engine for freelancers & agencies.

When she’s not busy working, she keeps herself busy learning or binge-watching her latest sitcom obsession or writing about it. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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