New Feature Alert? – Meta is building Community Chats!

Meta is building Community Chats as the newest feature merging Facebook groups and Messenger functions.

Something boiling on Meta’s news is a new feature in development phase integrating Facebook Groups and Messenger and bringing to life Community Chats. Sounds complicated? Read further how Facebook will ease your daily life in the upcoming weeks!

Anytime Mark Zuckerberg announces something on his account, new updates and fantastic features come up from Meta. In the latest post, he claimed to start the process of testing Community Chats. 

Let’s take a look at what we can expect from the new feature!

Read more about what Meta is building as a new feature: Community Chats!

What can users expect?

First and foremost, Meta brings this up as a highly-desired feature that will surely boost its users’ communication experience via texts, images, or audio. Whether you want to connect with your loved ones in a trusted space or unite large communities over shared interests, Facebook Groups paired with Messenger functionality will make this happen in the upcoming weeks.

1: Admin’s role

An essential role is one of the Facebook Group’s admins who must create the channels and categories of community chats. It’s interesting to gather people together digitally, but it gets challenging when choosing how you want to connect these users. 

An admin can create community chats to invite users by selecting a topic of interest for group members and organizing chats into categories so group members can easily find what’s most interesting to them.

Moreover, admins can create an event chat, a view-only broadcast chat for group-wide updates, and an admin-only chat to collaborate with admins and moderators. Admins can also create audio channels so group members can share live commentary or receive real-time support. In audio channels, participants also have the option to enable video once they’re in. The Facebook Community Blog has an entire guiding article about how users can use community chats in their FB groups.

Read further about the new feature benefits:  Community Chats!

2: Helpful Options

Community chats are expected to become a new hit. Admins of different Facebook groups can gather their audience for various purposes. Whether a class group is texting and sharing updates on their school schedule or a large community of rock band fans, every admin needs multiple handy tools to manage these chats efficiently. Admins need access to blocking, muting, or suspending group members or removing inappropriate messages. 

3: Safety Controls

IT giant Meta takes highly seriously the privacy of its users on every platform. Therefore, admins and members of community chats will have access to reporting inappropriate messages, blocking users, or leaving a chat at any time. Still, if you choose to continue having private conversations, you need to use only private messenger chats about that. While community chats are all about saving your customized settings, and Meta indeed respects that. Check the link for an in-depth overview of privacy and safety controls in Community Chats.

Privacy is the main focus in building community chats.

Final message:

Community chats are still an ongoing project in the development phase by Meta. Still, the objectives of creating community chats are pretty clear: 

Improve users’ experience by deepening their connections and facilitating their communication channels in large online communities. 

There’s not a specific date when the new feature about community chats will be available worldwide. Although this is a fantastic feature we’re all looking forward to integrating within our Facebook groups, we still need to be patient. Good things take some time!

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