A Guide to the new Calendar View on Publer

New feature from Publer that improves our Calendar view. Full screen visibility!

Let the smooth scheduling experience begin.

We’re welcoming a new and interactive calendar on Publer, where every user will be able to properly view, manage, schedule, preview, and empower all their social media post.

The advanced calendar features are designed to help you navigate easily and be more organized.

As busy social meda managers, we aim to find the fastest and intuitive solutions to curate the posts properly. Having everything displayed and easily customizable will boost everyone’s productivity, for sure.

This is the update that will allow you to have better control of what you and all of your team members have prepared for the future.

As the owner of a team, you can view -> double-check -> approve posts easily.

We’ve empowered the calendar with useful and colored icons that will help you understand the status of a post. I.e scheduled for later; approval needed, posted from RSS feed, etc.

Feel free to add suggestions regarding the new Calendar view.

Here’s a list of advantages you have when using the new Calendar View on Publer:

1. Manage posts easily

Every post, regardless of the social network, will be displayed on the calendar. The drag & drop – powerful hack will help you change the date of the post in less than one second. Did you schedule a new post on the wrong date? Worry less. You are only one drag away from setting it up correctly.

2. Filter posts

You can filter the posts by social account, post status, team member, and also, you can easily search for posts by text.

Sailing through different dates is also a new update: you’ll be able to go to the exact date you want, return to today’s date, or simply switch months, weeks, and days in a click.

3. Create a brand new post on the calendar

Hovering the mouse to a specific date on the calendar will trigger a plus icon to appear so that you can start creating a new post on that exact date. Remember when you used various scheduling modes to create a single post on a specific day? Well, you can kiss the tiring extra steps goodbye.

On weekly and monthly view you can quickly select a day to prepare a post, while on the daily view – well my friends, you can even select the time.

Create a brand new post on the calendar

4. Any ideas about what to post on a specific day?

Here’s where the social media holidays come in handy!

We’ve carefully added every social media holiday on the calendar and each of them is made of its respective #hashtag. The magic begins when you click on a #hashtag and a pop-up creation dashboard shows up with the hashtag already added. A quick tip: If you’re not feeling creative on how to celebrate a holiday, there’s always a Gif that comes to the rescue.

5. Preview posts in real-time

Let’s get excited because the daily view ought to provide a split-screen in 2 – one for the posts arranged by time and the second for the post preview. If you notice typos, want to change the visual content, or you’ve totally forgotten to tag a location/ add a follow-up comment, simply edit the post.

6. Remember the struggling days of the evergreen content predictions?

Those days are gone. Now you can properly check all the recycling posts on the calendar, regardless of the length and quantity. Having a better overview and prediction of when your evergreen content will be posted, will absolutely enhance the workflow.

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