New ‘Link’ and ‘Super-Mention’ Stickers are coming to Instagram Stories

Instagram is testing new stickers for the Stories features!

We’re always curious to know about the updates that the giant social networks bring. During the past year, we’ve seen amazing new features that have empowered every small social network to bring the best out of themselves.

Instagram has also announced Story Drafts and quick reply with stickers, that will absolutely change the way we interact with customers.

As Alessandro Paluzzi’s has shared on his Twitter profile, Instagram is working on a new sticker named ‘Link’.

This new sticker, obviously, will make it possible to link URLs into Stories.

What we already know, is that Instagram isn’t providing the ‘Swipe Up’ action per accounts that have less than 10K followers. Therefore, many brands are wishing for the new ‘Link’ sticker to provide that superpower, no followers count-based.

This new sticker sounds like a fun and useful update because people would be clicking on links faster.

The other major update is the new sticker, named ‘Super Mention’.

This sticker, according to Chris Messina on Twitter, will be able to add other user’s shops to their profiles. So apparently, more ways for your shops to get visitors!

This will only work under approval steps by the owner profiles. So, not everybody can use the ‘Super Mention’ tool to add shops without permission.

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