New Mental Health Initiative by Instagram

The newest initiative by Instagram is the creation of another page where people can find useful tips on how to adjust to different situations. As we all know, many people have been struggling to cooperate with the isolation so the Top social network has found a thoughtful solution: Guides.

Instagram has chosen some powerful accounts which people follow and love interacting with to add a new page called Guides. People can now find mindful and empowering tricks to let go of what they have been overthinking about and have a calm day instead.

Here are some of the accounts where you can find the new feature:

Everyone on Instagram searching for mental health photos, videos, or articles related, will have the option to easily find helpful ideas. The Guides will show multiple photos, which once are clicked, they direct you to the original Instagram post.

Here’s how helpful this new feature is to Instagram users:

  • They find relevant and mindful quotes to live by
  • They read empowering articles about the current situation
  • They help others by sharing the proper positive visual contents and videos to have a healthy living

This initiative has been well-welcomed by many Instagram users, as they surf through positive posts. Soon, the Guides feed will be available in the Explore page and become part of it forever. People will be able to quickly find what they need. The can also share these posts with their friends and family. For the moment, this new feature is only available in Instagram app.

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