New Shopping Tools for Small Businesses on Facebook

New shopping experience for all Facebook and Instagram users! As the artificial intelligence is taking more and more over different platforms, we can now not only see the products listed on Facebook and Instagram, but also shop them right away.

Small businesses have now a huge advantage to showcase all their products in a click. Users will be automatically redirected to the appropriate pages where they can purchase fast and easy. This is a useful solution to keep up with the sales even when the stores are closed or you are not online to respond to customers on time. As many people prefer online purchases today, Facebook has finally found out its way through this and provide virtual shops where people can also save the products to get back at them later after a second thought. 

There will be a slight fee on each purchase for brands on both Facebook Sales and Instagram Sales. But, that is not yet specified or maybe it’s just not being published.

According to, every business can use these tools for free, and even though both Facebook and Instagram were already providing somehow helpful features to let people easily view prices, now every business can upload their whole catalogs only once and easily share them. 

Facebook Shop will be accessible on ads too, so conversion rates are expected to be increased. There won’t be a limit, nor a restriction related to the business’ niches. 

Facebook is already the most used social platform around the world. Let’s not forget about the fact that Facebook is also improving its connectivity in Africa as well. The large number of brands that are already using this social platform will absolutely find the Sales innovation a gateway to all the negative experiences they have been facing during the last two months.

Will Facebook become the new most-used e-commerce platform? 

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