New Twitter Feature NOTES Aims To Change The Game

Twitter Notes Feature is the latest update

Updating from 280 characters of a typical tweet to a 2500 words post is the most required feature from Twitter users. Therefore, new Twitter feature, Notes, is going viral worldwide. 

The Notes feature is being tested by a small group of writers in the USA, UK, Canada, and Ghana. 

Twitter Tests NOTES Feature.

Why is the New Twitter Feature Being Tested ?

The platform announced that a small group of writers is testing potential issues in working with the new feature. Twitter is testing a new feature named Notes, the latest text length update. 

In 2017 Twitter expanded its tweets length from 140 characters to 280. Now with Notes, Twitter will allow its users to write posts up to 2500 words. Obviously, it’s a huge relief!

What might seem like leaving behind one of the essential characteristics of the platform (we mean the short Tweets) actually indicates the development of Twitter in satisfying its users. 

Twitter’s goal with the “Notes” feature is to allow users to show writing skills, share their work, interact with the audience, create their readers base, start conversations and stay within the platform. 

twitter notes

What is the Twitter Notes Feature?

22 June 2022 marked a special day for all the writers and long-format text fans. Twitter is testing a new feature with a small group of writers among countries worldwide to provide a unique experience for its users. 

  • The option to start a note is “Write.”
  • Once it’s available, you can write up to 2500 words.
  • It enables the embedding of Gifs within the content. 
  • You can edit Notes after being published and update them.
  • Photos and other elements are easily attached to a long-form essay. 

Twitter announced “Notes” in the testing phase, and users are warmly welcoming it already. 

new twitter feature

What do experts say about the New Twitter Feature?

Social media expert Dr. Laura Toogood stated for BBC:

She claims that the Twitter Notes feature greatly relieves many Twitter users. It’s profitable on both sides as the feature would encourage users to read long texts on one platform instead of linking to other sites. Twitter is undoubtedly expanding its chances to compete with some famous blogging media.

The journalism professor, Dr. Nikki Usher, said for BBC:

It’s a fact that people don’t read long texts online. So, if Twitter truly intends to improve the platform or is simply trying out new formats to increase its profitability, that remains to find out.

Twitter Notes Feature is the new update for long-format texts. Whether you’re the writer aiming to promote his work, or a passionate online reader, Twitter Write got your wishes noted!

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