New Update on Instagram Reels API from Meta

Instagram Reels API is a fantastic update that Meta has announced recently.

Have you noticed shiny smiles and sparkling eyes from developers recently? But, you don’t know what’s happening? Let’s split the tea!

They’ve got a green light from Meta for Instagram Reels API. Yes! That’s what’s going on!

If you are present on the platform, you know that new updates that facilitate the process of creating and publishing content are vital. Plus, Statista confirms that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with 1.28 billion active users in 2022. 

So, in the name of all the trust and efforts invested in the platform, Meta comes up with a fantastic update:

“The Instagram Reels API”!

Meta's latest update is related to the Instagram Reels API for third-parties.

3 Reasons To Celebrate For Instagram Reels API

Meta has announced that the new highly required update about Instagram Reels API is being tested by <25% of Instagram user accounts from 28 June with a foreseen enrollment to 100% of users about 6 July. 

Still, why are developers and companies so happy about this new update?

3 Reasons why Instagram Reels API has been highly required from developers worldwide.

1: Top Priority Feature Is Finally Coming To Light!

Whether we’re considering it from a personal or a business approach, Reels are the top priority of online users indeed.

TechCrunch states from Meta’s data that Instagram reels are the main focus for +20% of the spending time of IG users. So, to developers, having the chance to improve Reels content and obtain higher results, it’s priceless! 

Thus, making it easier to create, publish, manage and interact with IG reels is the common goal for users, brands, and Meta.

Instagram Reels API is a top priority for brands to improve their short video content management.

2: Better Interaction & Useful Control

The new APIs will allow developers to improve their work in adding brand reels on business accounts and enhance user interaction.

Thus, thanks to the new Instagram Reels API, developers will get information about reels and their insights to track their content performance. 

Instagram Reels API improves interaction online and will lead to a more useful control over your content.

3: New Scope Of Support With Instagram Reels API

Meta’s new announcement for developers will allow them to access and improve reels. This is a significant action from Meta indeed. Obviously, it opens up a whole new range of possibilities for third-party users to benefit from reels.

Meta states that it will boost the support of reels related to content publishing, insights, comment moderation, hashtag search, business discovery, mentions or tags, promotions of API, and Instagram basic display API. 

This API update will be available if you use a previous or current version of the Graph API. If you’re a developer, you must ensure access to the applicable IG Reels API. Once you have it, Reels will become automatically available.

Meta will boost the support of creating and publishing reels in many important aspects for brands.


Meta’s new announcement is undoubtedly bright news for all Instagram users and brands that aspire to digital success.

Instagram Reels API was the most wanted feature…

So, Meta made it happen!

With the new API update, companies can better integrate Reels into their marketing strategies and drive more engagement with their audiences.

For creators, the new API update will open up a world of possibilities for creating innovative content and reaching new audiences. 

For Meta, constant updates are crucial to enhance its users’ experience.

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