Pinterest announced new Shopify Integration Advancements

With over 450 million users, Pinterest is one of the most useful and important social networks!

Lately, it has announced its Shopify integration advancements. If you have a Shopify online shop, then this integration is indeed one of the best opportunities at the moment.

The huge Pinterest partnership with Shopify was announced in May 2020.

Everyone was able to add product catalogs on Pinterest easily, since then. People could click and surf through product catalogs easily and purchase products easily.

People have been using this amazing Shopify integration to attract new customers. Pinterest makes it possible to create ads as well, so everyone’s catalog can be in front of whoever is interested in them.

We already know that Pinterest provides advanced Ad tools. What we love most about them, is the Lookalike Audience Creation which makes it so much easier to target people who are highly interested in lookalike products. And we recommend that option, not only on Pinterest but also on Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.

Pinterest started as an eCommerce store and which better than that to provide such a useful option for other retailers and small businesses.

Are you making the most out of Rich Pins? Those types of Pins contain full information about products. Every change you make on your shopping site is synced on Pinterest, too.

Lately, on April 21, 2021, Pinterest has announced some news regarding this integration

The high demands have triggered the huge site to allow even more countries to make the most out of this powerful feature. They’re now allowing up to 20 product feeds to their account, each indicating specific local data such as a currency, language, or product availability.

What we know for a fact is that most people are searching for ideas, products, and services, more than brand names. This is where Pinterest makes things easier! Once you create relevant Pins (or import products right from your online shop) make sure to boost your SEO efforts by properly making your keyword research.

In the past year, we’ve seen a huge interest in social commerce. We’ve seen Facebook announce shopping tools: Instagram Live/IGTV, Instagram caption, etc.

Now, it is possible for everyone to check products, and compare prices just like you’re in a physical store.

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