Everything You Need to Know About the Pinterest Creator Code

Pinterest recently introduced the Creator Code

We’ve seen every social network making changes toward a healthy mindset during work and life. That’s amazing, being that we’ve had a rough year.

Pinterest is always surprising us and following an interesting workflow. Of course, people use Pinterest for inspiration and real-time news.

Pinterest creator code

As multiple social platforms are currently doing, Pinterest is also supercharging the advantages a Creator has. But, on the other hand, Pinterest is taking really good care of the content they share on Pins and Story Pins.

Except for the Creator Code announcement, Pinterest has also encouraged the comment moderation tools. This will absolutely help avoid negative comments or bad influences.

Pinterest always aims to support Creators share their ideas. But, they also take care of how the audience interacts with the information. As it is always known as an inspiration social network, Pinterest needs to remain positive.

As Evan Sharp, Co-Founder, Chief Design and Creative Officer, Pinterest claims:

“We’ve been building Pinterest for 11 years, and ever since our users routinely tell us that Pinterest is the ‘last positive corner of the internet. In that time, we’ve also learned that you need to design positivity into online platforms as deliberately as much as you design negativity out. The Creator Code is a human-centric way for Creators to understand how to be successful on Pinterest while using their voice to keep Pinterest positive and inclusive.”

The platform is now inspiring Creators to be themselves. It helps share ideas and tricks to a better work-life balance, get empowered to start new initiatives, and boost everyone’s idea of positivity. But, every piece of information should avoid mocking or personal attacks.

As Pinterest claims:

‘It’s hard to be creative when you’re surrounded by negativity and comparison. On Pinterest, it’s different. We lead with kindness and put your well-being as a creator first. See what happens when you create with a kinder community. – The Creator Code’

Here’s what Pinterest is aiming to do:

  • Inspire Creators to start a conversation
  • Help others grow and be mindful
  • Share true information that doesn’t lead to misunderstandings
  • Inspire people to start their own new business, but make sure to only provide already healthy and tested results – kind of information
  • Avoid body shaming
  • Avoid racism
  • Encourage people to treat themselves to a better routine, regardless of the aspect.

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