Pinterest New Ad Tools

Pinterest new ad tools are out now

Pinterest, the most visually appealing platform with 433 million monthly active users in April 2022, comes up with two priceless additions. Pinterest is launching two new ad tools to support its users’ success on the platform. 

Pinterest new ad tools are available on the platform.

New Ad Tools

Pinterest values its creators’ mastery, whether it’s just a personal blog or products on sale. Therefore, it’s constantly looking for new features to ease its users’ careers as influencers or brands. 

First, brands will get access to tapping their Stories, similar to Idea Pins functionality. Second, Pinterest is establishing a new ‘Paid Partnership’ tagging function to further improve its creators’ profits.

Pinterest “Idea Ads”

Idea Ads is the first of two new ad tools on Pinterest. It’s a full-screen, multi-page presentation that includes customized links.  

As Pinterest Help Center states, an Idea Pin is a standard format on the platform to feature several pages with various videos and images within the content. 

Thanks to Idea Pins, Pinterest’s creators can tell their stories and inspire Pinners. Targeted audiences can carefully revise a brand’s content within the ad. So, they can view the content, visit their site and even check demos or tutorials. 

If you aspire to scale up your brand’s content beyond its followers, the Idea Ad makes it effortlessly possible. You can promote the content to a target audience and then measure its performance within the platform.

It’s necessary to know that Idea Ads offer two main types of promotion:

1: Created and promoted by a business.

2: Created by a creator and promoted by a business. 

Moreover, the second option is well known as an Idea Ad with a paid partnership. 

Pinterest new ad tools include Idea Ads and Paid Partnerships of creators and brands.

Paid Partnerships

Pinterest claims that brand partnerships with creators deliver 38% higher brand awareness and 37% more increased Pin awareness.

In both occasions, Idea Ads are specifically visible in targeted users’ feeds thanks to the efficient Pinterest targeting tools. 

Idea Ads with paid partnerships have a ‘Promoted by’ label, which works perfectly. Both creators and brands bring their influence, products, or services and obtain the benefits they opt for. 

These new ad tools are expected to establish more valuable creative partnerships within Pinterest. Brands will create more beneficial content, and creators will get awarded for their expertise and creativity on the platform.

It’s essential to keep in mind that the brand must approve a paid partnership. After creating your Pin and tagging the brand, you’ll notice that the brand’s name won’t be visible. 

If your brand approves the partnership, its name will appear next to the paid partnership label on the Idea Pin. If your brand rejects the title, you will have only your Idea Pin posted with no other tags.

Paid partnerships are Pinterest New Ad Tools

Wrapping up, content creators and brands have Pinterest new Ad Tools to obtain better results.

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