Top Pinterest Trends You Should Follow in 2022

What are the top trends to follow on Pinterest?

The fact that nothing feels like before is already a statement because we know the latest years changed everything and everyone.

People have been changing their behavior and the way they experience things based on the latest events and situations.

Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash

On Pinterest, everyone gets inspired and loves learning new things every time they search for something. With almost 400 million monthly users, Pinterest has become one of the most important and strategist social networks in the world. Each social network has its own power and differences when it comes to how they display media and how users interact with each other.

This is why, as always, Pinterest has launched its top trending searches its users have done until July.

As we know, lately everyone worldwide has supported black people with huge events, parades, and social media announcements and news regarding the Juneteenth and the famous hashtag #blacklivematter. Also, June is the LGBT Pride month and is heavily celebrated and supported on all social networks. Besides the usual physical events and concerts, many of them were attended online to respect the social distancing.

Regarding the LGBT support, the searches on Pinterest about the color-neutral clothes and gender-neutral haircuts were raised.

Another topic that is widely discussed and searched on Pinterest has been regarding mindfulness and mental health. Many people on Pinterest have searched for detox recipes, vegan meals, less-stress activities, etc.

Searching for: ‘wfh wear’ on Pinterest

As the remote working was almost ON during the entire year (until now), people have also searched for WFH wear. You don’t want to wear pajamas on an online meeting, right? Or do you? Also, the homemade baby food or indoor interior for a nice home office was searched and clicked a lot.

Staying at home for a long time has triggered everyone to focus even more on what they might have never thought would focus, such as pet birthdays, or pet playgrounds. 

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