Plan and Schedule Videos to Pinterest with Publer

Plan and Schedule Videos to Pinterest with Publer

We’re the proudest to announce that besides static visuals, you can now schedule videos to Pinterest with Publer, regardless of whether you own a Business or Personal profile.

With over 444 million global monthly active users, Pinterest has become a home for businesses, creators, entrepreneurs, and people who simply want to get inspired or purchase goods.

Did you know that 85% of Pinners say Pinterest is where they go to start a new project?

That’s why designing and sharing video content has become a need for brands to appear on top searches of this social network.

Schedule Pinterest Video Pins with Publer. Attract the right audience by effectively planning and designing new updates.

Why video content?

Pinterest is a visual search engine. It is a place for people to explore new ideas and get positive vibes. 

55% of people are more likely to purchase a product after viewing a video on Pinterest rather than another platform and 60% are more likely to view a video when looking for a product to purchase.

Therefore, video content has become a useful way to display brands’ products and boost their sales, share DIYs and other helpful guides, share tips & tricks of different industries, etc. 

PS: Keep in mind that 85% of Pinterest users now use the mobile app and videos that have a better engagement rate are the ones with text on them, and not sounds. And as Mallard says: “You can talk in the video, just to be sure to also have subtitles.”

“We have an analytics tool to analyze views, performance, and other data. It’s a real opportunity to find an audience organically, she says. There’s such a thirst from our audience for this stuff.” – claims Andrèa Mallard, the chief marketing officer for Pinterest.

Here’s how Publer helps grow your business with Video Pin Scheduling:

Design new video Pins – Create marketing video content from scratch using the VistaCreate integration within Publer; choose among thousands of templates and save them in seconds.

Track and Analyze Video Pins performance – Sync old videos, find the best times to post, learn more about all the insights, etc.

Schedule Pinterest Video Pins with Publer. Attract the right audience by effectively planning and designing new updates.

Auto-Share Video Pins across other socials (and vice versa) – Boost your video marketing efforts and reach more people by automatically sharing your video Pins to the desired social accounts you’ve added to Publer.

Bulk-schedule up to 500 videos at once – Publer allows you to schedule video content in bulk with the help of the CSV file. Fill it in with all relevant information and save time by scheduling everything in a click. Learn more.

How to schedule Video Pins with Publer in 4 steps:

  1. Select your account
  2. Upload a video or design a new one using VistaCreate
  3. Write the description; name the video title; add a link, and pick a board.
  4. Select the desired scheduling mode and that’s it!

NOTE: Pinterest will take a few seconds/minutes to review the video content before sharing.

Other tools that can help you elevate your Pinterest marketing strategy:

Publer’s Browser Extension – Pick and quickly schedule photos and videos to your account using the desired browser plugin.

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