8 Powerful Reasons to Use Twitter Fleets

We welcomed Twitter Fleets in mid-November and can’t get enough of them.

Twitter Fleets are 24-hour disappearing Stories that are driving everyone curious and are boosting everyone’s engagement.

Fleets are becoming smart business strategies for many digital marketers out there. People tend to be share more Stories than posts – as they already feel comfortable with them disappearing in a day.

Twitter Fleets
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Here’s a list of 8 Powerful Reasons to Use Twitter Fleets:

  • Real-time interaction. Followers can simply click on the post you’ve shared as a Fleet or send you a Direct Message right away. It’s a new way to retweet and ‘recycle’ your tweet. This way you can reach more people so you can gain more engagement on your posts.
  • Real-time feedback. There’s nothing more amazing than receiving a fresh and fast review about a new update, service, product, status update, etc. 
  • Being creative works as a step-up strategy. People need to get just a little bit distracted, laugh, or learn an extra thing even if they’re busy. Grabbing someone’s attention on social media is very important and yet, tricky.
  • Humanize your online presence. People already started to feel more comfortable because that’s the magic of disappearing Fleets (aka Stories).
  • Organize flash sales. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable with sharing a 1-day sale on Twitter and then delete it. Here’s your chance to make the most out of Fleets. Every user knows that Fleets only last for 1 day and knowing this, they’ll engage with the Fleet!
  • Reach a huge audience. Image your floating profile on top of everyone that’s following your account. You’ll always be one step closer to receiving engagement.
  • Boost transparency. There’s nothing more interesting and smart to share behind-the-scenes snaps and videos of your team. That’s a nice way to showcase the other side of your team and brand character.
  • Marketing opportunities. Being relevant and close to the audience helps gain trust and produce more marketing opportunities. There are tons of topics that might become the next important articles!

Just like Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn Stories, Fleets can be easily created.

There are 2 ways you can create a Fleet, but first, you need to make sure you’re using Twitter on mobile:

Start from scratch

  • Click the + icon on the top left side of the screen
  • Choose among the options: 
  1. Text – If you want to write a Fleet as a text-only. Also, you can align the text, make it Bold, add highlight, and decide the text color.
  2. Camera Roll – Choose one of the media you’ve already saved on your mobile
  3. Capture – Take a photo right away
  4. Video – Record a video right away
  • You can use your mobile’s camera flash and rotate options if you want to take a photo or record a video
  • You can also add Alt Text to the images you import from your Camera Roll or the ones you take at that moment
  • Then click Fleet on the top right corner to share the story right away
how to use Twitter Fleets

Share an existing tweet

  • Click the ‘Share’ icon at the bottom right corner of a post
  • Select ‘Share in a Fleet’
  • Decide the desired background-color; Add text; Add Alt text
  • Then click Fleet on the top right corner to share the story right away

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