Prepare Unique High-Quality Content with Spintax

Prepare Unique High-Quality Content with Spintax

Let’s get this straight! You’re a busy marketer in need to write and create tons of useful content for your audience. You want to share some evergreen posts to reach as many people as possible and boost clicks, traffic, and sales but of course, you want to avoid unintended spamming.

You’re not alone.

Publer is now officially supporting the Spintax Generator as a built-in integration. It’s time to learn something new for an impressive result!

Spintax is an intelligent tool that helps create bulk content to provide diversity. All you need to do is pre-set some specific words into curly brackets and vertical bars (pipes), so the spinner can create different sentences that still make sense.

We’re sure you have seen this example at least once in your life: 

A {quick | fast} brown {fox | dog | wolf}.

So, you can include different keywords and synonyms inside curly brackets and separate them by a pipe. In this case, the spinner will randomly pick one of those each time a new post is created. For example: ‘A quick brown fox.’

Also, the variations can be nested – meaning that you can create spins inside of spins. Let’s take an example:

{{A | The | {One | Two | Three } } deer ran in front of our {car | vehicle}. | We were {shocked | surprised} because there was {nothing | not a thing} we could do!}

There are 2 possible (and important) sentences that can be created, with different variations.

With all of that being said, you can now finally create some evergreen content for your Twitter accounts, besides all other social networks!

We know that Twitter avoids all types of spam accounts that populate the feed with the exact same content. This is why we’ve come up with this solution, in order for you to automate similar but not identical posts, whether you’re recycling or putting them under recurring.

Simply add the text that you want with all relevant keywords/synonyms so the spinning tool can create multiple post variations and recycle!

Check the example below, where we recycle tweets every week:

Prepare recurring updates using unique text on each post:

You don’t want to become the boring account on social media that automates the exact same post to remind their audience to take advantage of the offer or get notified about the update. Let’s

So here’s an example: Recurring post every 3 days from July 1st to July 31st on LinkedIn. We’ve added different keywords per different words, so that the spinner creates bulk content!

Main advantages of using Spintax generator within Publer:

  • Prepare content in bulk simply by adding some keywords/synonyms that still make sense and look like a professional.
  • Avoid Google and other social networks’ penalties by allowing Publer to create different sentences per every new post.
  • More keywords = more chances for your content to get seen, earn clicks, and rank higher.
  • Smartly increase the number of shortcodes and signatures that you can use.
  • Prepare various evergreen and recurring posts that have different keywords, yet have the same meaning.
  • Boost your SEO efforts, by allowing Publer to structure human-quality sentences.

Other methods for you to use the Spintax Generator within Publer:

We have to be honest here: you can use the Spintax post variations everywhere!

Text editor

If you want to produce various content in a short time, simply find all the keywords and synonyms that you want, and rest assured that this is everything!

{Design | Illustrate} {amazing | beautiful | incredible | impressive} {images and video | visual content} {illustrations | designs} on Canva and Crello {within | using} Publer!

Text is taken from the Social Media Holiday Calendar July 2021 article.

Follow-up comments

Whether you want to let your audience know about the details of an event, add multiple hashtags, or attach some links, Publer will take care of that. Example: You want to notify your audience about the details of an event. You can prepare this sentence:

{For more information, follow this link. | #MyEventHashtag #WhenInParis | July 1st, 9PM, Cité de la musique}


Have you ever felt like a robot when you added the exact same signature at the end of each post? Now, on each signature text area, you can prepare different sentences by adding keywords/synonyms, and Publer will pick and create a random sentence based on what you provided.

You can turn two signatures into one, simply by using the spinning superpower: {Book a vacation on our website. | Make a reservation today.}


Each user can create up to 50 shortcodes (or shortcuts) to be prepared for some long texts, a bunch of hashtags, different email addresses, etc. Now, you can let Publer spin between the shortcodes that you want so every time a new post gets published, new content will be shared.

You can meet us in {Paris, France | Route de Gisy, Bièvres, 91570}.

Preparing shortcodes using the Spintax post variations

Media library notes

Every user can add some comments/notes on each visual content. If you want different texts to come up every time you select the same visual content, then simply prepare the sentences including many keywords/synonyms and leave the rest of the work to Publer.

Click here to learn more about Spintax as well as some examples.

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